Focus on the Family's James Dobson still has a lot to say

Dr. James Dobson, in an image from the Focus on the Family website.
Dr. James Dobson, in an image from the Focus on the Family website.

In late February, Dr. James Dobson announced that he was stepping down as chairman of Focus on the Family -- a decision that prompted questions about whether the Colorado Springs-based organization could survive over the long haul without his hands-on leadership. But while Dobson may not be as involved as he once was behind the scenes, he remains Focus's face. His mug is the most prominent image on FOTF's home page, and he's pumping out radio segments at his usual frantic pace. Today, for example, there are already a whopping ten new audio posts, and while Dobson's underlings tackle some topics, including how to handle a spouse with porn addiction (answer: very carefully), he takes on plenty of subjects himself -- among them the best ways to deal with troubled teens. And even though Focus on the Family Action, Dobson's political arm, doesn't include as much fresh content as usual, his minions still found time to excoriate President Barack Obama for changing the feds' policy in regard to stem-cell research.

Despite his resignation as chairman, Dobson is clearly not ready to abandon the bully pulpit.

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