Blond ambition: First there were two identical, shiny 
    blond beer models.
Blond ambition: First there were two identical, shiny blond beer models.

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Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski, the buxom blond Coors Light twins, have been busy little ladies in the year since they graced Westword's cover ("The Light Stuff," January 23). On top of their daily duties of working teenage boys into a frenzy and helping Coors sell buckets of beer, they have made numerous appearances on both the small and silver screens, including a gig on The Drew Carey Show and one in a Brooks & Dunn video.

The twins' highest-profile appearance to date, however, has been in Scary Movie 3, in which they played, well, the Coors Light Twins. "We actually spoofed ourselves," Diane says. "It was like, 'Wow, we've really made it now. This is big-time.'"

And they've made it into the big-time world of activist targets. Anti-alcohol advocacy group the Marin Institute was so incensed with the movie's PG-13 rating -- both previous Scary Movie installments were rated R -- and the twins' role in it that they launched a letter-writing campaign to Coors CEO Peter Coors urging him to stop using teenage films to sell beer.

"I certainly know what their criticism is, but we never meant to target minors," says Coors spokeswoman Hilary Martin, who adds that attendance figures for the first two films showed that 70 percent of Scary Movie's audiences were over 21. "We're very anxious to get the new data. There is not a whole lot else we can do at this point."

The brewers did cancel a Coors Light commercial that featured some of the twins' movie scenes. "It was a measure of good faith. We felt like there was enough concern, and we didn't want to be inflammatory," Martin says, though she adds, "We only got a handful of calls. Consumers just didn't really seem that concerned about it."

But that commercial landed the brewer in some hot water before it was yanked. Coors and several others were named in a recent lawsuit that is seeking to recover the "unlawful profits" made by alcohol companies who allegedly market their products to underage drinkers. Coors's primary wrongdoing, according to the complaint, is using the twins to promote Scary Movie 3, "a motion picture that is heavily marketed to underage consumers and whose intended audience in primarily underage drinkers." Citing the pending litigation, Coors had no comment on the lawsuit.

Nor do the twins. "We just have had so many other things going on that we don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff," Diane says. "But we do know that Coors is very responsible."

Unlike the music industry, apparently. Their label still hasn't released Klone, the twins' first CD. (So that's why we couldn't find it at Twist & Shout!) "That damn music business," Diane says of the delay. "It's not us, honey; it's all the crazy people in the music industry."

Not ones to get down when they're out, Diane and Elaine are working on "tons of exciting offers right now. We just want it so badly that things are going to happen," Diane says.

One of those things, according to the twins, is a Damon Wayans sitcom based on their lives -- starring them, of course. "It's moving very fast," Elaine says. "Everything he touches turns to gold."

For now, the twins may have to share some of their fans' adoration with another set of busty beauties. For the third year, Michelob Light is sponsoring its "Triple Platinum" sweepstakes, in which three lucky drinking-age winners will spend New Year's Eve partying at the Playboy Mansion with the Dahm Triplets, who were the December 1998 playmates.

"Michelob Light's "Triple Platinum" sweepstakes has been a huge hit with consumers, and we're happy to bring it back for the third year," says Michelob Family brand director Rick Leininger in a release. "We want to give Michelob Light drinkers a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend one of the most exclusive New Year's Eve celebrations in the world."

Regardless of the stiff competition, the Klimaszewskis promise us that they're just warming up. "We have a couple more surprises up our sleeves," Diane promises.

We can't wait.


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