Fracking is a dirty, messy defilement of the biosphere

"The Insider," Alan Prendergast, June 13

Frack Addict

Fracking for hydrocarbons is what it is: a dirty, messy, environmentally disastrous defilement of the biosphere. There is no getting around that.

Trisha Schuller — her somewhat incredulous, rather threadbare "environmentalist" credentials notwithstanding, the high-salaried mouthpiece of the oil-and-gas industry — needs to reassess her fawning devotion to Big Oil and pick up on what really is going on, including in the mix our easily led Governor John Hickenlooper, along with Schuller's conflicting allegiances and her downplaying of the dangers of oil-and-gas fracking, together with her urging patience and understanding on the part of the "masses" adversely affected by the polluting, nefarious activities of the greedy oil corporate elite in their thirst for profit.



I don't trust Schuller's Stanford pedigree and her new corporate friends, or her apparent forgetting that we are a democracy of dissent.

Bill Korosec

Thanks for printing the first story that really explained the pros and cons of fracking in a way that makes me finally understand the issue. Great article!

Jane Riley

"Hot Spot," Patricia Calhoun, June 6

Hot Topics

Thank you for your article about Rocky Flats. Here are a few "how comes." How come former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar wouldn't allow soil testing inside the fence? How come there isn't an environmental impact statement for the Jefferson Parkway (W-470, Rocky Mountain Greenbelt highway, etc.) that crosses Rocky Flats? How come the Rocky Flats Museum isn't owned by the Department of the Interior?

Kevin Sampson

Editor's note: For more on the Rocky Flats Cold War Museum and its current exhibit, This Is Not a Test, see Show and Tell on page 23.

Latest Word, June 6

True Brit

Who cares? The Brit went to a gun show, talked to some people, and left still scared of an inanimate object.

Matt Leising
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Ask a Stoner, William Breathes, May 30

Joint Operating Agreement

I would never, ever share a joint with a stranger at a concert. I'd rather be considered rude and a prude than take the risk.

Michelle Lao

Joints are gross and a waste of your stash.

Chad Hull


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