Why Is This Man Laughing?

From the week of August 13, 2009

I don't really mind the new format, but did you have to get rid of all of the reporters? Or are they just hiding? If Westword is going to become nothing but a glossy collection of ads and fluff, please just let it die. Somewhere, Judge Finesilver is laughing his head off...

Joe Mullaney


Judge Finesilver


Editor's note: What's happened to Judge Finesilver's papers is no laughing matter. For details, see page 9.

"Mr. Wrong," Patricia Calhoun, August 6

Writes and Wrongs

More power to Steve Horner! I hope he helps put the Colorado Division of Civil Rights out of business! They are nothing but a scam. I have never dealt with such a lying, useless government agency in my life!


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"Enter the Nunchaku," Jared Jacang Maher, August 6

Show Some

Great article by Jared Jacang Maher. I was fascinated to read about Kevin Orcutt, and horrified at the insight the story offered into how this country's laws regulating weapons are made. I'll be keeping a close eye on Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.

H. Flynn


In the hands of an honest, well-tempered cop, this device would appear to provide a useful means of permitting a cop to restrain someone who is uncooperative without inflicting the kind of harm beating him into submission would require. In this respect, it is not unlike a Taser, in permitting the disabling of a threat with non-lethal force. In such circumstances, it appears completely unobjectionable.

In other circumstances, such as Denver's use of cops during last year's Democratic convention as storm troopers whose principal objective was to suppress any open dissent that might upset the "chi" of the limousine liberals in attendance, it appears less benign. Likewise, in the hands of a rapist, murderer or gang-banger, it would be extremely dangerous.

Some reasonable limitation and regulation of its sale, availability and use (including by cops) would therefore seem prudent, even if Judge Sotomayor's reaction was too extreme.

Mark Brennan


"Dreamy," Juliet Wittman, July 30

All in the Family

Hear, here! Juliet Wittman is spot-on in her review of this magnificent production. Each and every member of that fine ensemble is to be celebrated. It has been a week since I experienced the magnificence of PHAMALY'S Man of La Mancha, and every day scenes still pop into my head (and heart and soul), unbidden. I wish every person could experience the magic that is PHAMALY.

Maggie Couch

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"Colorado Campground Confidential," Kenny Be, July 23

Parks and Wreck

Let's make Kenny a consultant to the U.S. Forest Service. He gets it and sees through the total bull*hit of the whole outdoor recreation industry and the wannabes driving up and down I-70 with their walking poles and Starbucks. Are you kidding me ?!!! What the hell happened to the real Colorado?

Aching for wilderness

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The irony of it all: just went camping with a bunch of dykes who very much rocked the fag gear, including the doggy door! The more we reclaim these words — use these words — the less power they carry and the more power we have. Reclaiming language is a powerful tool in subverting the dominant paradigm.

Big Ol' Dyke/Fag/Queer

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