From the week of February 5

"Fool's Gold," Lisa Rab, January 29

Nasty Nassi

My grandparents were unfortunate enough to be swindled into buying a million-dollar flat at the Beauvallon with promises of an on-site grocery store, a "world-class" spa, a resort-style swimming pool with a swim-up bar and a partridge in a pear tree. Though their place is very nice, they had problems from the day they moved in: electrical, cable — anything and everything you can think of, they had an issue with.

All while Nassi strolled around like the sleazy pimp he is, a girl on each arm and an apathetic grin on his face. What a tool, a complete poser funded by Daddy....


Craig Nassi

On his website,, he is claiming that all the Denver properties are sold out! He's washing his hands clean of the buildings here but taking credit for them on his website? Are you kidding me? Is it even legal? Does this guy really think he's going to be able to continue acting with such impunity? And he thinks he can come back to Colorado and build more? His audacious attitude is shared with Wall Street CEOs who give themselves extravagant bonuses and the owners of GM who charter private jets.

R.J. Smith


Bad enough that Craig Nassi had to build faux Venetian palaces — but he had to give us faulty faux Venetian palaces!

Jill Wilcox


How long have I waited for someone to take on the Beauvallon?  As we look back on the last eight years, here is another case of a greedy SOB out to rip off as many people as he can, but let's also be honest:  Denver City Council must shoulder a significant percentage of the guilt as well. I ask you, how is it possible that a building of this prominence — or any building, for that matter — that is clad with fucking Styrofoam could be approved and get permits? I watched, appalled, as this monstrosity went up.  Later on, I admit, out of morbid curiosity, I had to take a look at the open models.  Sure enough, inside the design and execution sucked as much as the outside.  Who would be stupid enough to buy one these POS?

Oh, right, I forget, this is Denver. We have more than our share of those people you can fool all of the time.

Bill Gardner


The Beatdown, Dave Herrera, January 29

Loud and Proud

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the Beatdown last week. Dave Herrera made some incredible observations, and is right on. I front a heavy/melodic band here in Denver called the Threatened. As a frontman, I believe it is my responsibility to draw out the audience, make them a part of the show. If the Threatened can create a reaction from the audience, then we have succeeded. Yes, I do notice from time to time if people are moving around or socializing; fortunately, that is a rarity at the Threatened's shows. The style of music we play also helps in that area. There is so much energy coming from the stage that you can't help but be drawn in. Plus, it's so loud, who can really talk, right? 

Justin Conant


Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano

He's Fuming

Regarding Gustavo's response to Yo Quiero Bailout, in the January 29 issue:

The point of not warming up cars for a half-hour before leaving is to avoid polluting unnecessarily. The ten minutes Gustavo seems to think is all right is excessive and, here in Denver, illegal.

Dave Nereson


I'm a legal German immigrant. I don't give a schuessel of sauerkraut if someone is legal or not. The difference is who pays taxes and who is learning the language of the country in which they reside.

Susie Edrington



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