From the week of January 14, 2010

"Last Things," Jason Sheehan, January 7

Last But Not Least

Really going to miss Jason. I follow him around, in a sense, and he's never let me down; we will try Ondo's. Love the writing, and he's turned me on to at least forty places I would not have found otherwise. Thanks and good travels.

Bill Coleman


Jason Sheehan


Did Sheehan get paid by the word? One of three pages used up just to enter the front door of the restaurant being reviewed? It is, after all, a restaurant review I'm reading and not a high school creative-writing assignment — right? One of three pages used up just to dish up extraneous filler about the old ball-n-chain. One of three pages used up just to unfurl larded similes that would make a high school cheerleader giddy with wordsmithing pride: "a snow globe of swirling flakes glittering like chips of diamond as the gusts whipped them." (Though he does get bonus points for alliteration.)

Worse is that he is about five to seven years late to the foodie trend-humper craze about "tapas." When that foreign-sounding name wouldn't take, people started calling them "small plates" menus. Sheehan's final review choice makes Denver feel like a cowtown — always years behind the curve on "newness."


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Jason, I'm sure gonna miss ya, buddy. Have to admit point-blank that your articles shaped my date locations. Trust me, you made me look good. I have taken girlfriends, lovers and friends to places off your reviews. I will miss the guidance when you are up in S-town. I will also not look as cool. Which I never was, but dropping a line or two from your articles mid-conversation made me look for the briefest of seconds like a legitimate fellow. I will raise a PBR in your name. Cheers.

Sandler Caplan


Who made the boneheaded move to let Jason Sheehan escape Westword? His column is the highlight of your paper every week. Who could possibly replace him? Why not send Seattle that no-talent piece of shit Kenny Be instead? He'll fit right in with all the other far-left faggots up there.

Frank Colantonio


Editor's note: The decision to move to Seattle — "boneheaded" or not — was all Sheehan's; we're hoping to have his replacement before the end of the month. But in the meantime, Kenny's staying right where he belongs: in Denver.

"Smashing," Off Limits, January 7

Radical Chic

In acknowledgment of "Smashing," I would like to share the next few thoughts:

Ariel Attack looks quite fashionable and edgy. Having said that, I would like to mention some ideas to how the article was framed. Anarchy, which often is portrayed as aggressive acts through various media sources, actually has higher standards. While forward actions garner immediate attention to laws that the people want changed and get the most attention, they do not hurt people directly, but are exhibited by rallying for free speech and sometimes the destroying of "corporate stuff" to garner immediate attention to what is perceived as a potential world stage on which to express political concerns.

A very important point to be acknowledged is that while "Anarchy" represented by the idea "may not like laws," it is really not just the idea of lawlessness or acts bringing attention to the current global concerns, but more about bringing society to a consciousness that can live in peaceful existence with less need for laws or government monitoring and with enough resources for all to have enough to live a healthy, prosperous life. When society evolves to this point in peacefulness and effectiveness on providing for its citizens, one can only hope that there will be a decreased need for aggressive political tactics from any party.

O.F. DeForrest



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