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"That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles," Joel Warner, June 25

Going to Pot

I just read "That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles" and wanted to compliment Joel Warner on such a well-written piece. I read the entire story and was very impressed. 

My daughter and I always read Westword and like the new look, too. But we found this story amazing. Good job!


Operation Fortune Cookie

Linda Amos


Just writing to say that I enjoyed the article about the drug ring busted last year in Thornton. I feel it is a credit to Westword.

Ross Qualls

Adel, Iowa

Damn, this is a crazy story. When those Chinese decide to set up a grow operation, they sure don't mess around. And to you stupid hippies who think this has anything to do with legalizing it, just realize you all have no idea of the sketchy shit that goes on behind the scenes to get you your toke.

Comment by mile high

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What an amazingly biased article. Marijuana is such a non-problem in terms of recreational intoxicants. Safer than alcohol, natural and with proven medicinal qualities. The only problem stems from its current "illegal" status. The fact that Westword says nothing regarding the supreme WASTE of MONEY that such investigations and busts represent, or the possibility of increased state tax revenue from legalization, is a shameful omission. And all this for what end? A minor dent in the supply of pot?

Prohibition didn't work in the early part of the last century, and it's not working now. Yet Westword continues to play the patsy, pretending that it is a valid use of police resources to "bust" such consensual "crimes" that result in no property damage and no victims. You are working against freedom, truly, with your biased reporting and your unquestioned assumptions. Step up your game; you've really fallen far from your agitational roots.

Comment by Treacle from Denver

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This is more like a movie script than a news article. I'm waiting for the first government conspiracy theories regarding this.

Comment by Jaakko

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"Invasion of the Bike Monsters," Kenny Be, June 18

Monster Mash

Shame on you. I am disturbed and disgusted by Kenny Be's cartoon about cycling. Listing the different kinds of cyclists brings up some good points — that cyclists need more education on how to safely ride their bikes. However, they are drawn to look like monsters and referred to as "creatures," which makes people forget that they are actually human.

I am also frustrated with your decision to put such a biased and terrible image on the front of Westword. I've never heard of a cyclist hitting a pedestrian to the point where they crush their head into the pavement, leaving nothing but a pool of blood and a headless body. On the other hand, cars leave pedestrians, cyclists and their own passengers as bloody lifeless pulps on a daily basis. Perhaps displaying this on your cover would have been too realistic and would not have prompted people to pick up your uneducated publication.

I challenge Kenny Be and the rest of your bike-hating staff to try commuting to work via bicycle and see the horribleness that is distracted and disrespectful motorists and pedestrians. The outcome of this should be that we all need to share the road together, be respectful and educate everyone on the rules and courtesies of the road. To blame all of your transit woes on a cyclist is a bad message...and when oil runs out, we will sit on our bikes and laugh as all of the fat motorists learn the joy of riding a bike.

Rebecca Gallagher

Chicago, Illinois

I must congratulate Kenny Be on his "Invasion of the Bike Monsters." As a bona fide "Distroyer," as Be puts it, I have never been so accurately stereotyped in all my life. Good work.

Brian Polk


There are two sides to every story, and you did not give an ounce of consideration toward the bicyclists in this city. First off, we do know the laws about not riding on the sidewalks and we break them anyway. Yeah, well, there is good reason for that. Your drivers know the laws, too, and they try every way possible to gun us bike riders down when we ride in the streets. I prefer to preserve my life where it is far safer. Give me a ticket, but at least I get where I need to go without dying in the process.

I've lived here in Denver nearly ten years, and I am not even safe from cars on the sidewalk! That's right. I was in my own neighborhood when a women in a truck careened out of an alleyway like a speed demon and hit me on my right side. Did she bother to stop? No. I am a hurt human being, and she kept right on driving. On another occasion, I waited on the curb for a green light and a walk signal. I was ready to cross in the crosswalk. A driver was only looking toward traffic in the opposite direction and slammed into my left side as he attempted to turn. I've been nearly hit countless times by drivers on their cell phones not paying attention to laws, pedestrians, bicycles or anything else in their path. But us bicyclists are just the evil inconsiderate people in your personal view, right?

Spike Bloodworth


I totally agree with "Shifting Gears" about more stringent rules regarding cyclists and motorists "sharing" the road. It has been a long time coming. Also, I feel there's a problem with "cyclist's rage."

One of the most horrendous experiences I ever had with a cyclist was when one of them went ballistic thinking that I wasn't going to stop for him at a red light. I did stop. He immediately "flew" off his bike in a fit of rage and started screaming, swearing and pounding the roof of my car with his fist. And even threatened to throw a rock through my windshield. Needless to say, I got out of there pronto. How frightening and infuriating.

Now, what about those pesky rollerbladers? (Just kidding.)

Rosemary McManis


Hilarious! And unfortunately — I can say this because I'm a biker myself ("Distroyer" comes closest to describing my purpose, if not my riding style) — the stereotypes are closer to the truth than many of us would like to admit. Maybe that's why so many bikers are p***ed at it.

John Rasmussen

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