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"Invasion of the Bike Monsters," Kenny Be, June 18

A Vicious Cycle

I thoroughly enjoyed Kenny Be's spread identifying the different types of bicyclists. He nailed it. In terms of enforcement, these "bike monsters" seem to be neither fish nor foul, not abiding by either vehicular or pedestrian rules. I've never seen a cop pull over a bicyclist, but that's what it's going to take to stop some of the most egregious behavior, such as blowing past stop signs and red lights. It's too bad that you can't fine some of these bicyclists for their smug "I'm exercising and you're not" demeanor.

Jon Weimer


OMG, that is some funny shizzle! I am a cyclist and former competitive cyclist. This piece accurately identifies the worst offenders of the cycling community; nicely done! Kenny Be, you might be able to get the two-wheelers off your back if you do a piece on the bubbas kickin' dirt up at the cyclists with their pickups, the yummy mummies walking three abreast down the paths with their strollers, and the canyon residents throwin' tacks out on the road in their camo pajamas.

Let's be fair and call out everyone here. Rock on!

Jason Teno


Kenny Be should give equal time to motorists next time. Maybe he can write something witty about how cars kill 45,000 Americans every year and are irreversibly heating up the globe. Now, that would be funny.

Terry Spencer

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I'm an advocate for urban cycling and using biking for utility purposes and regular transportation. My partner and I share one car, and bike for most errands and moderate distances. I constantly promote the Cherry Creek Bike Station and do an eighteen-mile, round-trip work commute most weekdays. I'm as courteous as possible while riding, being observant to motorists while also "taking the lane" to protect myself. I expect the same respect in return. However, I think all cyclists, myself included, would be lying if they say they've never engaged in one or more of Kenny Be's examples during a moment of irritation or conflict.

My years biking around town have fortunately shown that Denver residents are overall very respectful towards cyclists, and the degree of awareness is far better than in other cities. It's annoying and memorable when a car cuts you off while biking, or you are stuck three cycles deep at a red light and see a team of cyclists run through — but in the big picture, Denver is okay.

Yes, the comic was funny.

James Van Dellen


Wow...not even remotely funny. Now all the bicyclists in Denver are put in more danger than we were before. Thanks for nothing and for dehumanizing cyclists so that hateful and mentally unhinged motorists will have less regard for human beings riding bicycles. We are NOT BUGS to be squashed.

Beware, Mr. Kenny, the bad karma you have unleashed might well come back to bite you!


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Editor's note: Close to a hundred comments have been posted about Kenny Be's "Invasion of the Bike Monsters"; read them all at

"Shifting Gears," Off Limits, June 18

Wheelers and Dealers

I had to laugh when I read that inept Denver police commander Deborah Dilley said that cops issued 248 tickets to people who rode bikes on sidewalks. Big deal.

That's not even one per day! No wonder it's such a problem. I have been almost hit many times. The cops don't do anything about it. If I get hit and I can get up, I'll do a lot about it. People may listen when she talks, but most laugh. How could you take her seriously? If she can't handle even a small problem like bikes on the sidewalks, one might wonder how she handles the bigger stuff. Or not.

Dan West


I agree that cyclists should observe the same traffic laws as motor vehicles while on the road. I don't have pedestrians on the sidewalks yelling at me, just as long as you are cautious and aware of them. I always have cars honking at me and telling me to get out of the road. I feel more safe on the sidewalks. I say leave the road cycling to those who are brave enough in their spandex shorts, fancy doodads and top-dollar bikes, but don't take the sidewalks away from those of us who know how and enjoy using them. One of the greatest things about bicycling is the fact that you can go where motor vehicles can not.

Jeff Parker


"Down the Drain," Jared Jacang Maher, June 11

Waste Watchers

This is an amazing investigation. Property owners already pay property taxes and sales taxes and any number of other taxes to the city for general services. They should be outraged that these fees are going to prop up the Hickenlooper administration. Maybe I'll only pay half of my stormwater bill this year.

David B.


The Wastewater Management article was purely outstanding and an excellent piece of investigative journalism. If I were still doing seminars in Municipal Finance, I would use it as a case study for the graduate students. Please extend my personal and professional congratulations to the reporter: The article would have earned an A++, and I never graded on a curve!

John Hall


"The Giveaway," Alan Prendergast, May 14

Hall Pass

I'm not sure what horrifies me more: Annie Green's depraved indifference, the Laradon Hall board of directors' reaction, or Sarah Isfahani's vitriolic rant in the June 4 letters section. (I used to live in Denver; what happened to the decent people out there?)

Donors like the Elks Club and clients alike should demand that the Laradon staff involved be fired and the entire board of directors thrown out. Not only did their depraved indifference facilitate the suicide of a good man, but it ruined the reputation of the charity.

Colleen Vaughn

Portland, Oregon

Editor's note: Last Friday, a Jefferson County judge threw out objections to John Beech's will, ruling that his estate must go to Laradon Hall. For details, read Alan Prendergast's blog posted June 19 on the Latest Word.


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