From the week of March 3, 2009

"Strong Words," Off Limits, February 26

Whine and Roses

It's too bad guys like Jack A. Weil, from the best generation, are being replaced by idiots, including our current president, from the worst generation. I am so sick of listening to Obama and all his adoring fans claiming that this current economy is anything more than a recession. We've survived past recessions just fine, and we'll survive this current recession. Quit whining, lefties!

Dennis P. Lima


Jack A. Weil


"A Hunger to Help," Jared Jacang Maher, February 26

More of the SAME

I was ecstatic to read Jared Jacang Maher's article on SAME Cafe. I hope the people of Denver support it. Three short stories:

In Detroit, people are taking over the lawns of foreclosed properties to grow food gardens. In Minneapolis and Miami, people are taking the law and common sense into their own hands and moving homeless families into vacant, foreclosed homes. In Montana, and soon here in the Arkansas Valley, a program called Land Link is getting young farmers onto land that the owners want to see farmed but are unable or unwilling to farm themselves.

The silver lining of the current crisis is that many middle- and low-income people, like the Birkys, are finding opportunities to stop giving their life energy to the ruling class and start meeting real human needs, which are dramatically proliferating in scale and scope. Our needs for clean water, food, shelter, medicine and community persist, even now that I can watch American Idol on the latest iPhone.

The truth has finally been exposed: The ruling class expects people in the subordinate classes to abide by rules that the ruling class is itself unwilling to obey. It's the tough discipline of the free market for the poor, and multibillion-dollar bailouts for the hyper-rich crooks who created this mess (many of whom Obama has appointed to key financial posts in his administration, by the way). 

Let's take SAME Cafe as a shining example of the paradigm emerging from post-industrial capitalism, and rise up to find more meaningful lives — by taking better care of each other.

Eric Belsey

Buena Vista

I just finished reading the wonderful article on SAME Cafe. Thank you for spotlighting such a unique and giving restaurant/nonprofit. Brad and Libby's work at the cafe inspires so many people, and it's great to see them receive recognition for their commitment to feeding the hungry, regardless of their socio-economic status.

My husband and I are part of a team of people working to organize the first annual SAME Cafe Ante-Up Charity Poker Tournament, from 7 to 11 p.m. Friday, March 6, at Cap City Tavern, 1247 Bannock Street. It will be an evening of poker, music and prizes, with all proceeds going to SAME Cafe. To sign up, visit

Please come and support SAME Cafe's unique and refreshing approach to community building and service.

Angie Bohnert


"Crush Hour," Alan Prendergast, February 19

lots of luck

Regarding David Weisberg's letter last week, as more and more "parking lots" are turned into office buildings and lofts, where do you park? Take mass transit, and if you live anywhere near a light-rail station, take it. Think outside the box and get away from your car.

As for more parking downtown: I believe any new building in the downtown area must have some sort of parking attached. Check the website to find out where those new buildings are. The next time you are downtown, look at all the new buildings going up, and you will see that they all have parking.

Barb Wasko



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