Google Maps catches Coloradans behaving badly: Kenny Be's Image Searches

Kremmling play pens.
Kremmling play pens.

Until an enterprising visionary starts up the 5,000-channel satellite network of the world's best live security-cam feeds, we'll have to make due with random images captured by Google maps street-view cameras. Recent address searches have revealed some Coloradans behaving badly...

Click image to enlarge.
Click image to enlarge.

As pictured above, there is nothing more precious than the sight of tow-headed children playing in the bed of an unsupervised pickup parked in front of a bar. The extra-large windows of the Rocky Mountain Bar & Grill provide ample sight lines for concerned, yet momentarily thirsty moms and dads.

The light in the sky suggests that the Google maps street-view camera captured the picture above at half-past happy hour on a late-summer day.

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