Greetings from DIA

Maybe all it took was Sunday's visit from Mary Peters, the Transportation secretary, who vowed to keep the nation's airports operating through the holidays -- and choose Denver as the poster child for last year's dysfunctional flying. Maybe it was the holiday entertainment that kicked off yesterday, which translated to an accordian player at the entrance to Concourse A who kept ripping through renditions of "Lady of Spain." Maybe it was those extra TSA workers added on for the seasonal crush. Or maybe it was that, for once, I'd arrived at DIA over two hours before my plane was scheduled to take off.


All I know for sure is that a half hour after getting to DIA just before noon today (even Pena Boulevard was a snap), I was checked in, through security, and sitting at a bar on the A Concourse. Where I've already waited longer for a beer than I did in the security line.

Next time, Secretary Peters, could you vow to do something about the service at the Blue Sky Bar? -- Patricia Calhoun


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