"Wow -- they look just like the cabs in the big cities."

Hailing cabs and celeb-stalking? What the hell is going on?

Drove past the Pepsi Center a couple of times on Saturday to get a passing look at the DNC preparations there. The first time by, two enormous groups of police officers, clad in full riot gear, posed in separate locations across the street from the arena, as if ready and waiting for visitors packing Minoltas. But the real surprise came the second time around. A large number of folks were lined up outside the CNN headquarters, in what is usually Brooklyn's, apparently in the hope of watching the likes of (ohmygod! ohmygod!) Wolf Blitzer in action. At that moment, a woman broke off from the main pack, moved to the curb and tried to hail a cab. Fat chance, I thought: This may work in the Big Apple, but not in little ol' Denver. But literally within seconds, a taxi materialized, pulled over and picked her up.

What the hell? What city is this again? -- Michael Roberts


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