Are these women auditioning to become trophy wives?
Are these women auditioning to become trophy wives?

Here's a look at the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy (that shiny thing in the middle of the two babes)

Confession: I pay very little attention to soccer, which is only the world's most popular sport because -- well, frankly, I have no idea why it's the world's most popular sport, because it bores the hell out of me. As a result, I had no idea that the trophy for winning the Major League Soccer crown was named after none other than Denver's own gazillionaire, Phil Anschutz, a conservative fellow who might not be all that comfortable with the attire worn by the two women fondling his bauble in the shot above. "This is a photo of Las Senadoras -- of Republica Deportiva fame -- getting their mitts all over the Philip F. Anschutz trophy. For this it is The Luckiest Trophy in the World, Today™," reports The Offside Rules, a soccer blog. "Also it should be noted that there was an obvious caption for this photo but it was just too obvious, even for a blogger as hackey [as] yours truly."

Could it have been "LOOK AT THOSE CUPS"?


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