Holtzman's Revenge

As noted in a recent Message


, Marc Holtzman's June 22 decision to withdraw from Colorado's gubernatorial race fell so far down the top-story roster on most Denver-area newscasts that many viewers probably missed it. Yet the nickname he coined for Republican nominee Bob Beauprez -- "Both Ways Bob" -- lives on.

On August 14, jokey anti-Beauprez spots featuring the phrase began airing amid morning news shows. In addition, ProgressNow Action, a liberal organization that's devoting considerable resources to defeating Beauprez, has launched bothwaysbob.org, a website that includes snarky videos and an offer for "Both Ways Bob Flip-Flops"; folks will receive a pair for each $10 donation to ProgressNow Action.

Of course, Holtzman is now officially supporting Beauprez. But for a flavor of what his campaign was like before he changed his tune, check out Alan Prendergast's May


of the highly combative Rick Moranis lookalike. By doing so, you can have it both ways.

-- Michael Roberts


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