How Much You Need to Make to Have an Adequate Standard of Living in Denver

Additional photos and more below.EXPAND
Additional photos and more below.

How much do people in Denver need to earn each year to have an adequate standard of living?

This is one of the key questions addressed by the Economic Policy Institute.

In "EPI’s Family Budgets and Income Sufficiency in Denver," on view in its entirety below, EPI gets specific, offering dollar amounts for individuals in a wide variety of household circumstances: one person; a single parent with between one and four kids; a childless couple; and two parents with one-to-four children.

The numbers, culled in part from U.S. Census Bureau statistics, struck us as quite hefty — and nearly half of us, by EPI's estimate, don't quite hit them.

According to the organization, there are nearly two million people in the Denver-metro area when counting "single persons and individuals in non-elderly families."

Of that total, approximately 848,000, or about 43 percent, "fall below the family budget threshold."

Here's the breakdown by category....

How Much You Need to Make to Have an Adequate Standard of Living in DenverEXPAND

One person: $28,829

One parent, one child: $53,116

One parent, two children: $64,212

One parent, three children: $88,623

One parent, four children: $95,352

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