I-25 drivers get worked up over this sign

I-25 drivers get worked up over this sign

Highway to heaven: Maybe that new CDOT app could even include interesting roadside attractions along the way. Because if I-70 heading into the mountains is CDOT's most notorious stretch of highway, I-25 on the northern edge of Colorado Springs is certainly its most heavenly. After all, this piece of interstate even has its own exit dedicated to Focus on the Family.

And with a definite sense of irony, the stretches of highway just north of that exit (heading southbound) and just south of that exit (heading north) have been adopted by the Gill Foundation's Gay & Lesbian Fund, under the CDOT program that allows private businesses to keep things clean. But that program hasn't been entirely successful here: The Gill sign on the west side has been vandalized twice since this part of I-25 was adopted in July 2010 — once this past March (with white paint), and again in July (with red). After that, the sign was taken down — and its replacement didn't arrive until conveniently after the Pro Cycling Challenge had kicked off in Colorado Springs.

Heaven help us!

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