Is the world's best vodka in Colorado?
Photograph by Mark Manger and Jupiter Studios

Is the world's best vodka in Colorado?

This week's feature story, "Clear Thinking: Vodka makers hope pure spring water from Colorado pushes them to the top shelf," focuses on Spring44, a Colorado-based company whose inspiration comes from a natural spring in the middle of Roosevelt National Forest, a spring that also supplies a key ingredient for the spirits.

Spring44's partners think the purity of that spring -- and the force of their vision -- could have enough power to knock out such unAmerican, "ultra-premium" vodkas as the ever-popular Grey Goose and Belvedere. Can they do it? Our feature story goes to the spring.

Read "Clear Thinking."




In this video, we go up the hill with the founders of the spirits company to see the spring that started it all. Watch video.

Bonus Materials:

- Video:

See the secluded spring that provides the water for Spring44

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- Mixology:

Five Denver bartenders mix up vodka cocktails you can make at home

- Evaluating Taste:

How different does Spring44 vodka taste from its competitors?

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The top five celebrity endorsements of vodka


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