Is Tom Martino afraid of Adam Cayton-Holland?

KHOW and Channel 31 personality Tom Martino's botched ambush of Westword staffer Jared Jacang Maher in the wake of a feature article detailing the Troubleshooter's connections to a multi-level marketing company is the gift that keeps on giving. Martino posted footage of his shenanigans in which he repeatedly used a photo that he thought featured Maher -- but the image actually starred former Westword staffer Adam Cayton-Holland. (See Martino's video after the jump.)

Now, Cayton-Holland, currently writing for the Onion's A.V. Club site, gets his revenge. "What's So Funny?: Trouble with the Troubleshooter" is a gut-busting column about this particular case of mistaken identity. As a bonus, Cayton-Holland has created a video of his own that satirizes Martino's with painful precision, right down to dramatic closeups, shots of Adolph Hitler and porn-star Ron Jeremy standing in for photos of Big Tom, and an attempt to interview Martino at Channel 31's studio that's foiled when a security guard won't open the door. "Is he afraid of the truth?" Cayton-Holland wants to know. Good question -- and a hilarious one at that.

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