Jesse Meaux and Michael Mason won't soon be pitching for Rockies -- due to rape charges

Jesse Meaux a relief pitcher for the Asheville Tourists, one of the Colorado Rockies' farm teams, put together some pretty decent numbers this season -- good enough that they might have one day gotten a sniff from the main club and maybe, just maybe, a shot at the big leagues.

But such a prospect seems a long ways off right now. Meaux and teammate Michael Mason have been suspended from the Tourists for a beyond-schmucky reason: They've been charged with sexual assault.

As reported by the Asheville Citizen-Times, both Meaux and Mason were inactive trying to being busted. For Meaux, the reason was injury -- he was placed on the disabled list May 24 -- rather than his performance on the diamond, where he registered a sterling 0.90 earned run average over the course of sixteen games and twenty innings pitched.

And while the Times-Citizen doesn't mention why Mason was cooling his heels, his digits were more pedestrian by comparison. His 3-1 record as a reliever looks impressive, but his ERA was 3.38 in 21 relief appearances.

However, such concerns pale in comparison to the charges against them: two counts apiece of first-degree rape and first-degree sex offense. They're alleged to have both victimized the same woman at their apartment late last month.

Meaux has posted a considerable bond, set at $100,000. But while he's free, he can't return to the club. Both he and Mason were suspended, with the Rockies releasing the following statement:

The Colorado Rockies and their affiliate, the Asheville Tourists, are aware of the arrests and the very serious allegations made against two players, Michael Mason and Jesse Meaux. Each organization is shocked and deeply concerned about the allegations. At this time, the players have been suspended as the investigation and legal process continue.

We are working with the authorities investigating the circumstances and issues surrounding the events and are awaiting further details and findings. Given that this is an ongoing legal investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment or speculate any further.

The allegations against the men remain unproven. But their arrest will make it much more difficult to get into Coors Field with anything other than a ticket, at least for the foreseeable future.

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