Jessica Ridgeway: Jessica's Angels moving ahead with school watch despite Jeffco reluctance

The T-shirts that will be worn by Jessica's Angeles members this morning.
The T-shirts that will be worn by Jessica's Angeles members this morning.

The volunteers won't have direct contact with the kids. Rather, they'll simply be present to watch out for anything untoward. The plans for today are described in the following post, shared yesterday afternoon:

Dear Angels!

Tomorrow we WILL go forth with the project! We will be passing out a limited number of T-Shirts in the Club Crest neighborhood near Warder Elementary at the intersection of Club Crest Drive and Carr Street. We will also be in the neighborhood near Weber Elementary at the park across the street at 81st Street and Pomona Drive. We encourage everyone to get outside and watch regardless of if you have a shirt and wherever you may live! We will begin our focus in those two communities to start, and if you are interested in coming out to help watch in those areas, PLEASE do! This program is for communities everywhere, so go out and observe to make a difference no matter where you live! We are asking for 30 minutes of your time after the kids begin walking to school in the mornings, and after school as they head home.

Everyone who is involved: You should stay with a partner or group at all times if you are capable of doing so. There is no need to be on school property, because our focus is on the neighborhoods surrounding the schools. Jessica's Angels does not suggest interaction with students OR strangers. We are there simply to observe. If you see anything suspicious, call your local police department, as you would any other time. Jessica's Angels is a group that is not asking anyone to be at any specific place at any specific time. We are simply encouraging all citizens in every area to get up and observe their communities. We are a group to raise awareness and get the word out.

Thank you all and I hope to see everyone out in their communities starting tomorrow!

It'll be interesting to see how today's launch goes, whether the Jeffco school district will sign on, and how long it will last. In the meantime, here's hoping no one with bad intentions gets hold of a Jessica's Angels T-shirt -- because they're reserved for people who want to heal a community still reeling from a senseless crime.

Look below to see the 7News report on Jessica's Angels.

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