John Brothers, ex-pastor and teacher, convicted of sex assault on twelve-year-old boy

John Brothers. More photos below.
John Brothers. More photos below.

John H. Brothers Jr. fits the pattern of child molesters who move from place to place in an effort to stay ahead of the law -- and find more victims. A former teacher and youth pastor, Brothers was targeted with child abuse charges in Kentucky that prompted him to relocate to Louisiana -- where he was busted for similar crimes previously committed in Colorado. Get the disturbing details below.

Between 2006 and 2008, as the Craig Daily Press reported in April 2012, around the time he was charged for crimes in Colorado, Brothers worked as a youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Yampa and a teacher at Steamboat Springs' Heritage Christian School.

Brothers was so well-regarded at Heritage Christian, where he taught science, math and a Bible class, that he returned to the school in May 2009 to deliver the commencement address.

A Google Maps screen capture of Hyland Baptist Church in Henderson, Kentucky.
A Google Maps screen capture of Hyland Baptist Church in Henderson, Kentucky.

By then, Brothers had moved on to Henderson, Kentucky, where he became a youth minister at Hyland Baptist Church -- but he didn't stay there over the long haul.

According to The Gleaner, a newspaper in Henderson, he left Kentucky for West Monroe, Louisiana in October 2011 after church deacons at Hyland confronted him with sex-abuse allegations that had come from two members of the youth group he oversaw.

The move didn't keep him out of trouble. The Gleaner reports that he was arrested on two sex-abuse counts the following month, after he returned to his Henderson home to collect some of his belongings.

Brothers's mug shot following his arrest in Kentucky circa 2012.
Brothers's mug shot following his arrest in Kentucky circa 2012.

A grand jury indictment followed the next February, with a trial set for that May -- but these plans were put on hold when a reported Brothers victim in Colorado came forward that same year to say he'd been molested for more than two years, from April 1, 2006 to May 31, 2008.

The accuser is described by 7News as having been twelve years of age when Brothers assaulted him.

The gears of justice ground as slowly in this case as in many others, and as a result, Brothers's trial on the Colorado charges didn't end until Friday, when a jury found him guilty of sixteen counts: eight pertaining to sex assault on a child, with a like number specifying that he was a person in a position of trust.

The sentencing for Brothers is slated for September, at which time he could get between ten years and life. Here's a larger look at his 2012 booking photo.

John Brothers, Jr.
John Brothers, Jr.

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