John Madden Modernizes: "Obama is a Commie"

John Madden Modernizes: "Obama is a Commie"

Here’s a sure sign that the Democratic National Convention is less than ten weeks away: local crazy John Madden has updated his sign!

Westword first wrote about the relentless political sign-flier in 2005. Three months after the presidential election and five years since Bill Clinton had been president, the then-63-year-old was still spending his days standing at busy intersections around town with large signs proclaiming, "Kerry Stabbed Our Troops," "Clinton Raped Juanita," and "Kerry Throws Like a Girl."

Years passed and Madden continued his “intellectual” skewering of bygone liberal presidential contenders, cheered on only by the tortured voices in his head (which probably take the form of Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter singing show tunes, poor guy.)

So it is with great fanfare that we announce that, early this morning, Madden was spotted at Speer and Federal with a sign proclaiming, “Obama is a commie.”

If you don’t get a change to see Madden’s new phrasing before the DNC, it’s okay. He’ll probably continue using it until 2012. – Jared Jacang Maher


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