Josh McDaniels in Denver Blogs: Are you purposefully getting rid of players whose jerseys I just bought?

Is this the next Broncos jersey to be obsolete?
Is this the next Broncos jersey to be obsolete?

It's Denver Blogs, our daily roundup of locally oriented bloggery.

Over at Bronco Talk, Mr. East offers a hilarious diatribe about all the Broncos jerseys he's purchased shortly before the players in question have been sent packing. His latest buy? A Brandon Marshall. Lookin' like another bad move, pal...

Rocky Mountain Right tallies up the latest political fundraising numbers. Michael Bennet may not be generating much excitement, but he's sure as hell raking in the cash...

The folks on's Comments & Rumors board discover a YouTube recording of Mile High Sports Radio as picked up by a listener in Scotland. Which doesn't exactly explain the reception issues in southern Douglas County.

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