Justin Bieber challenges Carmelo Anthony to a basketball game: Anyone wanna place a bet?

Mystery solved.

The secret meaning of Justin Bieber's cryptic tweet to Carmelo Anthony yesterday? The floppy-haired teen idol simply wanted to play the NBA All-Star in basketball -- not convince him to become Canadian or sing backup vocals or get down on one knee and propose to him, as we hypothesized.

How did we finally crack the case, you ask? The same way we discovered it: via Twitter.

The whole thing started with a tweet from Justin Bieber to Melo's very-soon-to-be wife, Lala Vazquez.

Despite her busy pre-wedding schedule, Lala tweeted back.

Lala must have come through, because then Melo sent this ominous tweet.

Justin Bieber got the message.

And then he started practicing.

Of course, the sixteen-year-old from Ontario probably doesn't stand much of a chance against the six-foot-eight pro... although he did okay against his mentor, Usher, as you can see below. But Usher is no Melo.

As an aside, we wonder if Bieber Fever is contagious. Circle, circle, dot, dot!

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