Ken Atkinson Murder: Suspect Kevin Lyons Claims He's Hired "John Elway's Lawyer"

Kevin Lyons, who's accused of killing Dr. Kenneth Atkinson and injuring two women, including his wife. Additional images and a video below.
Kevin Lyons, who's accused of killing Dr. Kenneth Atkinson and injuring two women, including his wife. Additional images and a video below.

Yesterday, we told you about the murder of Dr. Kenneth Atkinson, a physician who had been practicing in Centennial for thirty years.

Atkinson was killed while acting as a good Samaritan during a domestic dispute involving a neighbor who allegedly shot him to death and injured two women, including his wife.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office has now identified the suspect as Kevin Lyons.

And during his initial court appearance yesterday, Lyons reportedly engaged in bizarre behavior, which included his apparently false claim that he'd hired "John Elway's lawyer" to defend him in the case.

At about 1:15 p.m. on Monday, April 4, as we've reported, the ACSO dispatch office received multiple 911 calls about gunshots heard on the 6200 block of East Long Circle in Centennial.

The crime scene.
The crime scene.

Deputies, assisted by officers with the Greenwood Village Police Department, soon located three victims.

They've now been officially identified as Atkinson, 46-year-old Laurie Juergens and 44-year-old Elizabeth Lyons, Kevin's wife.

Both women are expected to make a full recovery, the ACSO notes.

Lyons, for his part, was taken into custody without incident.

But in court yesterday, 7News reports that he continually interrupted the judge in the case: Carlos Samour, who oversaw the Aurora theater shooting trial.

Dr. Kenneth Atkinson.
Dr. Kenneth Atkinson.

He's quoted as saying to the public defender assigned to him, "You're not my representative, bro. I don't even know you" — after which he claimed to have secured the services of "John Elway's lawyer."

The prosecution asked that the arrest affidavit remain sealed and Samour agreed — something that apparently didn't make Lyons very happy.

The suspect, who's expected to be charged with first-degree murder, three counts of attempted first-degree murder, attempted murder of a peace officer, assault and felony menacing, maintained that he wanted the details of what went down "in the press" and said, "Get the news cameras over here."

There will no doubt be coverage aplenty for Lyons due in large part to the affection of the community for Atkinson, who was honored at a vigil last night.

Look below to see a 7News piece about the memorial gathering, followed by Lyons's mug shot.

Kevin Lyons.
Kevin Lyons.
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office

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