Ken Buck gets a wet kiss in USA Today piece about Colorado as national election bellwether

Lucky Scott McInnis: Instead of spotlighting McInnis's plagiarism problems, the latest USA Today focuses its attention on Colorado's senate hopefuls.

Although the Michael Bennet-Andrew Romanoff race earns some virtual ink, the focus is on Ken Buck's transition from electoral also-ran to front-runner, with the liberty movement given much of the credit.

The piece begins by introducing America to the Northern Colorado Tea Party's Lesley Hollywood, who's described as "stay-at-home mom turned kingmaker," before tossing out this thesis:

In a state many hailed in 2008 as the nation's new bellwether, the Senate race has become a primer of the politics of 2010: A Republican Party driven by Tea Party activism, for one, and a Democratic Party trying to rally its base despite concern about the lagging economy and disappointment over the pace of change since Obama's election.

The result is a virtual Buck valentine, and the kind of PR Jane Norton certainly doesn't need at this point. Click here to read the piece, headlined "In Colorado, Reflections of an Anxious Electorate."