Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: Republican Job Fair

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The last election put many Republicans out of work. As difficult as it

is to feel sorry for Bob Schaffer, Tom Tancredo, Wayne Allard and

Marilyn Musgrave, it's even more difficult to imagine them dusting

off their resumes and seeking gainful employment in this brutal new


Their legislative work involved lots of "posturing" on immigrants,

vouchers, guns and gays. They're all going to be in for quite a shock

to find that jobs in the real world are based on "productivity," and

demand employees to "actually do something."

All is not lost. Colorado's laid-off and loser legislators are all

employable, and none of us wants to see them laying around on their

backsides, collecting government checks. The trick is just to match

each of their unique skill sets with the right new job. -- Kenny Be

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