Learn the Science Behind Orgasmatronics' Space-Age Vibrators

One of the few immutable rules of technology today is that it never stops evolving. From smartwatches to self-driving cars, every year brings a new crop of improved gadgets designed to make our lives easier and better. So why haven't our sex toys kept pace?

That's a question that Colorado company Orgasmatronics decided to answer. Led by a Yale-trained physicist and onetime National Institute of Standards and Technology researcher who goes by the name Dr. X. Treme, the company has made it its mission to create some of the most advanced, customizable sex toys on the market. Videographer Bailey Geoghan recently stopped by Dr. X. Treme's lab to learn how he's building an even better version of the X1 vibrator.

Want to learn more about the sexy, sexy science behind Orgasmatronics? Read Chris Utterback's profile of Dr. X. Treme and his company.


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