Enter, Stage Right
I would like to compliment M.S. Mason for her two wonderful reviews of recent DCPA productions, The Last Yankee and You Never Can Tell ("Medicine Women" and "Shaw and Order," November 1). I thought the reviews were wonderful, because I agreed with every word.

Barbara Moe

The Paws That Refreshes
Patricia Calhoun: With our paws raised high, we salute your "Klondike and Snow Job," in the November 15 issue. Your perception of the situation and refocus on reality was right on target.

And, once again, Westword hit the nail on the head with Steve Jackson's November 1 article about the anti-abortion protesters, "Battle Cry." As ex-neighbors across the street from them, we are pleased the truth regarding the real impact of their antics was finally revealed. Great work!

Names withheld on request

Womb Service
Instead of the abortion controversy virtually igniting something worse than civil war (Steve Jackson's "Battle Cry," November 1), why not issue a challenge to end abortion the intelligent way?

1. Demand a national health-care plan. This would give women access to contraceptive and prenatal care.

2. Demand subsidized child care. Has anyone given any thought to how expensive and sometimes inaccessible child care is?

3. Demand research for safe and effective contraceptives. The U.S. has approximately 3 million contraceptive failures yearly.

4. Demand financial assistance for the pregnant woman, so she isn't forced to have an abortion due to economic reasons.

5. Demand comprehensive sex education in schools. The teen pregnancy rate is twice as high here than in any other country, which results in 400,000 abortions yearly among teens.

6. Demand condoms, condoms and more condoms. I saw an ad for a bumper sticker that gives the ultimate solution: "When men and boys practice responsible sex, abortion will no longer be an issue."

Ironically, Planned Parenthood and NARAL have vigorously campaigned for these measures over the years and have been the subject of the severest criticism by many of those opposed to abortion.

Marty Smith

Gangster Rip
I just finished reading the article on Cheryl Armstrong ("Natural Bored Killers," November 22). It's sad and pathetic to see a young girl and two young guys do such a thing. I'm sick of hearing of gangsters and "homies." I used to live in Orange County, California. It wasn't a pleasant place to live. I was raised in a part of town that was gang-infested, and drugs were everywhere. But I seemed to make it out alive. I've seen too many friends die from bullets and drugs, and too many of my friends behind bars. Where I come from, if you were a wannabe, they'd kick the hell out of you! Amen!

John N. Novak III
Wheat Ridge


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