Grammy Crackers
Regarding Michael Roberts's "The Envelope, Please," in the January 17 issue:
Come on, Michael, the Grammys are way too easy a target. You probably did that one in your sleep.

P.T. Murray

I'm glad somebody else finally noticed how truly disappointing this annual record-company crime spree has become. And it's nice to know I'm not alone in thinking Brandy's eyes are far enough apart to qualify her as a life model for Picasso.

If only there were a Denver band nomination! It should unquestionably go to Spell for receiving the least amount of respect yet always sincerely kicking ass.

Madison Lucas

Elvis Lives
Regarding Michael Roberts's "Viva Las Vegas," in the January 17 issue:
In reading through all the pseudo-intellectual jargon in the review of Elvis's masters collection, I came to the conclusion that Michael Roberts has little or no respect for a world-class performer. For 22 years Elvis remained a much-loved, enduring talent who continued to try to please his audiences and fans the world over up to the end, even though he was at times plagued with physical ailments that would have sidelined most lesser performers. Elvis was and still remains the greatest performer and showman the world has ever known, and his artistic legacy will remain, with--and certainly without--your cheap shots or validation.

While the Seventies may not have been the heyday of Elvis's career, he certainly retained his charisma and box-office drawing power up to the end. Let's see if Westword is still around in 22 years!

Long live the King!
Bob Ellis Jopson

An Unhealthy Situation
I just wanted to write a note concerning Michelle Dally Johnston's article "Critical Conditions," in the January 3 issue. I was really quite amazed that, with all of the facts I read about, the jury could vote against Megan Jones! I think insurance companies are getting away with so much these days, and the consumer is falling victim to them.

I hope Megan and her husband continue to fight this battle and pursue a just settlement. And if they do, I hope you will write a followup. More stories like this should get this type of exposure to let others know what can happen to them!

I think a major injustice has been done. I wish Megan and her husband the very best.

Elizabeth Strahler

Revisionist History
Regarding Michael Paglia's "Lost and Found," in the January 3 issue:
I feel it is important to note that Historic Denver was not "booted from its offices" by Dana Crawford last June. Dana and her partners provided free and below-market rent to Historic Denver for ten years, resulting in one of Historic Denver's largest sources of operating support during that period.

Our long association with the historic district that our members and trustees helped to shape was important, especially in the early years of the district, but we've found a great home up the street at the Ideal Building, 821 17th Street.

Kathleen Brooker, President
Historic Denver, Inc.

Editor's note: Michael Paglia stands by his column.


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