Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings
Out-of-town visitors brought a copy of your sludge, the July 24 issue, to my shop. On the occasions I've read Westword, you've never failed to espouse the antiquated, liberal horseshit that thrives in Denver proper. You guys take yourselves soooo seriously; conservatives are soooo mean, wanting to keep our earnings for ourselves. Can't you come up with some new mantra? How about "for the children"? Wait, you use that one, too, in Patricia Calhoun's column.

Kenny Be's "The Long Bomb" suggests a 40 percent decrease in domestic violence if the Broncos leave town. Is he serious? That item was put to rest, I thought. But I guess if you toe the feminists' line, you have to suck up their drivel. Christ, you liberals would just march lockstep right off the edge, never thinking for yourselves.

Well, just get all warm and toasty in your feelings while the rest of us think.

Michael Mattei

Sex and the Single Mother
Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Raised From the Dead," in the July 17 issue:
Years ago, as a single mother raising three sons alone in Boulder, my biggest problem was fighting off sexual predators--not derelicts on the edges of society, but smart, attractive men after my sons. The awful innocence of mothers! My sons are men now and are extremely upset about this Ramsey case. They tell me how helpless children are in this situation and about the danger to their lives if they refuse or threaten to tell.

Sure, it's wrong to accuse innocent people, but letting position or wealth change the way our laws are enforced is far worse. And if we err, let it be always on the side of the children. Of JonBenet, "who can no longer speak for herself."

Mary Ricketson

I am glad Renee Polreis was found guilty. What is not being brought out in the media was her religious influence and the fact that she's against atheists. This Russian child should never have been allowed to be adopted out to such a devoutly Christian person; with different parents, this child more than likely would be alive today. That poor child went through "hell" on earth in his two short years.

Mrs. Polreis was predestined never to get attached to this poor innocent child.

Jacqueline Marquis
Colorado Springs

Aside of Pork
I am as much an advocate of cutting waste in government spending as anyone, and like the next guy, I hate the thought of public corruption. But I think you are reaching if you think that J.A. Walker can buy a contract with a few hundred dollars in contribution money (Andy Van De Voorde's "Denver International Air Pork," July 31). Focus the attention of your article on the real bad guys: the Denver City Council that condones the waste and pays for it with our money. Raising questions about Webb's connection to Walker distracts from this point.

Keith Hoyt
via the Internet

The Bucs Stop Here
I've been really interested in reading about your new stadium possibilities. Here in Tampa, the Buccaneers shoved a new stadium down our throats by promising to give most of the new tax to schools and police, roads, etc. Well, it passed by only 53 percent--not an overwhelming victory. Unfortunately for our children and everyone else, the tax passed. The city council as well as newspapers touted this as being necessary for the city. Of course, now there is more talk about giving all of the money to the Bucs.

Let's see: They get all the profit for any events, they get our tax money, and the city gets screwed. No family that the stadium is supposedly being built for will be able to afford the $50- to $75-per-person ticket that it's projected to cost. This is not a community stadium but a corporate welfare project for a millionaire who does not need it.

Now I see the Broncos trying the same crap. Well, if they threaten to leave, then let them. Don't make the same mistakes that our city made. Our children are already suffering because of this boondoggle. I used to live in Denver and would hate to see the same result there. If the Bucs and the city cannot see the folly in all this, then perhaps it's time for a new city council. Tell the Broncos, "No new stadium."

Keith Privette
via the Internet

The Bus Stops Here
Regarding Alan Prendergast's "Beating the Train," in the July 24 issue:
Guide the Ride is nothing more than the latest attempt to guide our tax dollars into the black hole of RTD. By sticking with dinosaur technologies like HOV lanes and ground-based rail, RTD demonstrates only its ignorance and clearly is a bad investment for our mass-transit money. Only the technological jump to magnetic suspension rail transit (Maglev) will make a real difference to our air quality. While the French and Japanese already have Maglev transit (invented right here in the USA, I might add) and Germany is now building its first system, we should as well. For instance, a demonstration Maglev line from Union Station to DIA would bring an aesthetically pleasing, non-polluting and virtually silent transit system to our state, as well as a tourist and economic bonanza to every Coloradan--not just something for the fat cats. Sure, it will cost more; the best always does. But it will also bring state-of-the art technology and transportation to Colorado, as well as the very high-paying jobs we all seem to want. Plus--and this is the real bonus--no additional air pollution. Our politicians and RTD planners are stuck in the past. There is no reason for Colorado to be so. Send RTD back to the drawing board. We don't need another black hole to suck up our dollars, and we don't want any more dinosaur technology schemes to continue Colorado's worsening air pollution.

Don't just vote no--vote hell no.
Tony Burg

Notes From the Portugese
I would like to clear up a few things I read about Portugal in Robin Chotzinoff's "Mouth of the Border," in the July 17 issue. First of all, I would like to say that Portuguese food is one of the finer foods of Europe. Bacalhau is prepared over 365 ways, and each way is a mouth-watering and wonderful sight to see. We have a wide selection of seafood that is prepared in many different ways. This is our country's pride, since we have always been know as Lovers of the Seas. To go with our fine foods, we have a rich selection of fine wines, some of the finer wines of the world.

We are traditional people. Our country is full of history museums, churches and landmarks; we have buildings over 500 years old. And if you listen very closely, you can hear the stories of the people who came to know the discoveries of the seas.

Now I'd like to introduce you to another side of Portugal: fashion. Portugal is one of three countries in Europe that paves the way for new fashions and new trends. Our stores are always full of the newest attire for both men and women and, of course, the brash young teenagers. France and Italy are our two rivals, with which we enjoy creating and exploring new ideas for the next best sellers.

In closing, I would like to say, if you have a chance to go to this wonderful country, don't pass it up--you'll enjoy every second you're there.

P.S.: Robin Chotzinoff, you wouldn't know a good time if it slept with you.
Maria Rivers

I Think I Keanu
I would like to make a serious comment in regards to the "work" of one Susan Dunlap. It is apparent from the presentation of her piece on Keanu Reeves ("Star Power," July 24) that there was a little bit of hostility on her side. Who knows what went on during the interview? Maybe she didn't make him swoon over her like she admits to swooning over him. Sometimes bitterness can affect a person's talent--assuming talent existed originally.

It is really amazing to me the lengths a person will go to these days to make an impression. In my opinion, and it is not a fact per se, this Susan Dunlap lacks the ability to capture her readers' attention with a more creative use of the English language, even though her subject draws attention without writing skills. Therefore, Dunlap saw the necessity to "crap" all over the personality of Keanu Reeves. I have never met Reeves, but from the evidence of the text written by Dunlap, and despite her intentions, I have the impression that he is a really down-to-earth guy. He responded to her questions with the ease and language that quite a few people use every day; he was very quaint, relaxed and straightforward. It is very unfortunate for someone--anyone--to be so "trashed" by a journalist out of intense bitterness. Dunlap's point was made, and it is thus: She is an untalented writer with the tendency to become bitter when her fantasies about certain things don't come true.

Her "work" lacked the literary skill that I would expect to find in an article in a high-school journal (and to speak of Reeves's mode of honest expression!). I am ashamed to be a member of the same sex as such a person, and I can only wish that Reeves and the other members of Dogstar toss her comments to the side like a used paper bag--a bag so used that it's not even fit to be recycled.

Plain and simply--Susan Dunlap sucks.
Felicia Griffin
via the Internet

Keanu Reeves is the most polite and understanding person I have ever come across, so I don't know where Susan Dunlap's interview was coming from. Do you really need to get attention in such an evil way?

I admire Keanu Reeves more and more. And what a gracious person he is to put up with an ignorant, ill-mannered, self-absorbed person like radio host Caroline Corley (Feedback, July 31). In this case, Keanu is the host and she is the parasite wanting to do harm to her guest while living off of him. Best that she start applying the other meaning of "host."

Shirley Overton
via the Internet

Ms. Corley's treatment of the band Dogstar and, in particular, Keanu Reeves, was reprehensible. It seems as though Ms. Corley had a private agenda going into the interview and displayed an amazing lack of professionalism in the way she approached her subjects. If all she wanted to do was publicly bash the band and its members, an interview wasn't necessary. Why not just launch into a rant?

She's right, though: The Constitution does protect her right to abuse public figures over public airwaves. It also protects neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan and other groups and individuals whose values and morals fester on the rim of public decency, waiting to infect the vacant air space between the ears of morons. It is of no import who her victims were this time, and I respect the members of Dogstar, who do not need to be defended here...It was the public's dignity, sensibility and trust that Ms. Corley dragged through her own personal slime pond.

Mary Norton
via the Internet

I don't know how y'all do things in Denver, but in Virginia, Caroline Corley would definitely be the asshole.

Tyler Tucker
via the Internet

I'd love to buy Caroline Corley a drink...Hell, I'd let her drink on me all night, just to thank her for calling it like it is. I'm sorry I missed the Dogstar interview; it sounds like a riot. In an era when the American public shoves its collective nose up the ass of any celebrity, talented or not, Caroline's treatment of Reeves gives me hope that there are still people out there who don't kowtow to fame...And the famous expect it, as evidenced by Reeves's management going to the principal and telling on Caroline.

What a bunch of babies! It's time we made celebrity earn its keep. Caroline's earning hers.

Robert G. Church

I've just read your story on Corley's interview of Dogstar, and my first thought was, "Just who is she, and why does this rock group have to impress her?" I've heard Dogstar a couple of times, because I'm a fan of Keanu Reeves, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the band doesn't "suck" but is a competent, confident trio. This seems to be the opinion of a lot of reviewers across the country. I guess I'm just tired of Howard Stern wannabes who are unpleasant, rude and downright sleazy to real "stars" in order to advance their own "magnitude." I thought the DJs in my area were bad, but she certainly tops them.

Lois Benedict
via the Internet

I'm sure you must be aware--mustn't you?--of the sleaziness and cowardice it takes to bait Keanu, insult him, mock him and then, when he becomes "uncooperative" and has "attitude," call him an asshole. This is the most irresponsible, discourteous, shameless garbage I've ever seen--and directed at someone who deserves it less than anyone on the planet. Having met and spoken with Keanu several times, I can say that I've never met anyone more gentle, respectful and kind. He's a prince. Of course, I was there to support him and thank him for being there and for his wonderful acting--so I guess that had something to do with his response.

Why does he even bother to talk to people who call themselves journalists? Pearls before swine! (And yes, this letter is directed every bit as much to Michael Roberts as it is to Caroline Corley.)

Robin Ann Barron
via the Internet

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