Letters: Alan Sudduth can stay behind bars, for all most readers care

"The Boy Who Wouldn't Tell," Joel Warner, April 22

To Tell the Truth

Are readers supposed to feel sympathetic for Alan Sudduth? After reading this article, one should ask, so what? I personally feel Sudduth deserves every single minute he's served behind bars already, as well as those he'll still serve until he ultimately tells the truth. The street mentality that you can't "snitch" is a bunch of BS. If he knows he didn't do it and Reed did and hasn't said anything, then he deserves to suffer from his own strange, oxymoronic twist to street ideology. I also have to wonder why the police would intentionally arrest and the DA intentionally prosecute a teenager who they knew didn't do it (according to Reed). That does not add up.

To this day, Sudduth still doesn't get it. I guess that's what individuals like him, who grow up surrounding themselves with the influence and evil propaganda of street and prison gangs, get. To liken a leader of a brutish, murderous criminal enterprise to Superman is purely ridiculous and disgusting. The message that Sudduth is perpetuating is that it's not acceptable to tell the truth when a crime has been committed, but it's acceptable to support and even lionize someone who does commit those crimes, even murder. And that's exactly why he's rotting in prison.


Alan Sudduth

People in urban communities often complain that there is no justice on their streets. How can they expect there to be any if they can't even police themselves while they show so much distrust of the actual police? Funny how their code of silence is the very thing that prevents the realization of true justice, even for themselves. Right is right. Wrong is wrong.

Gabe M.


I feel for this guy, but while the sentence should not be life, he is not a good person. That said, our system really sucks. What you get in the way of punishment differs greatly based on your lawyer, the judge and the prosecutor.

Chuck Lovell


Joel Warner, next time why don't you write a five-page dissertation on the life of the cab driver killed and what it meant to his family, friends and colleagues. Oh, that's right, he's dead...gone and forgotten.

Fuck Sudduth for continuing to be a non-remorseful asshole. May he rot in jail forever.

Fuck you for your sympathy and empathy for a non-remorseful asshole.

Fuck Westword for giving you the ink.

You all deserve each other.

Name withheld on request

"A World to Share," Dan Landes, April 22

Dan Landes wrote: "Not only had I never seen Tony's show, but I'd only watched one Food Network show in my life, and that's because I was on it. And that show sucked." Well, so did this little number.

Mike Laughlin



This article was very insightful, witty and well-written. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

Carolyn Anello


This is just poorly written, self-serving hot garbage. And the Amalfi Coast name drop? Somebody punch this guy in the balls.

Please get a food critic soon.

Tom Ward


"To Market, To Market," Juliet Wittman, April 8

Home Rule

I liked the Boulder Farmers' Market article. I'm concerned about the produce being grown locally; I feel like sometimes I'm buying the same food I could get in the grocery. Are any of the Denver markets like the Boulder one in having rules about where the food is grown?

Michele Bahr



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