Letters: Are humans inhumane to farm animals?

"Down on the Farm," Kristen

Hinman, April 15

The Humane Event

The very thought about how most of our farm animals are treated angers me! As if there is anything wrong with real, free-range grown on organic land, water and feed. Who's the real villain here? Ignorant sellout farmers and animal-rights activists afraid to put their money where their mouth is! When men start treating animals like brothers is about the same time that men will stop fighting and killing each other.

Gene W. Edwards

Colorado Springs

What right does the Humane Society have to tell ranchers and farmers how to do their job? The Humane Society can't even take care of the animals in their own shelters! If you want meat, you have to kill something — either deer, elk, bison, turkey, chicken! What is the Humane Society going to go after next? The hunters! We have to eat! We all can't just eat fruit and veggies! How many of the so-called "Humane" Society workers have animals? And how many leave their animals alone while they are working on getting the food producers to do what they want?

Since the dawn of man, man has killed for food. It's either four-legged animals, birds or fish. Just in the last few decades has man tried to find a different way to feed others. Not all people like soy products! People need meat to live! There are people like myself, who don't like fish or seafood. The Humane Society just needs to work on its own shelters and let the ranchers and farmers do their work. When change needs to happen, the ranchers and farmers will know how to change better than the Humane Society.

Tawnya Ward

Chester, Montana

It is a shame the way people abuse animals, and what people think of as "food." Some people talk about being "pro-life" while dining on hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, milk and even eggs. How can anyone be pro-life and feel completely comfortable murdering an innocent animal for food, pleasure or just plain meanness? It's a blatant hypocrisy that reveals the true nature of such people. They are so selfish, they feel that whatever is right for themselves, at that particular moment in time and without regard to logic, is right. Just remember, God is watching, and he's going to expect an explanation.

Stan Dyer


What real rancher has time for "a morning of blogging"?

Bill Brothers

Posted at westword.com

Editor's note: For more, much more, on Kristen Hinman's story, go to the News home page at westword.com.

Playlist, Tom Murphy, April 15

A Band That Will Live in Infamy

Regarding the Bedsit Infamy's Made of Music:

Billy Bedsit once told me that I'd be playing his music one day, and, sure enough, I do. I really appreciate what these guys bring to the table.

Tyler Jacobson


The Best of Denver, April 1, 2010

Cover Up

I love the crazy cover cow. No foolin!

The criticism about the cow is misplaced abuse, for my money. Petty and passive/aggressive. Your Best of Denver cover has it all: graphic appeal, a visually attracting color scheme and a subtle, nostalgic humor (although still a cow town, Denver's a tragically hip cow town now). The montage has a psychedelic, sexually playful (wet) and hypnotic edge (pick me up, there's fun inside). Plus good Westword branding and an uncluttered singular message.

Don't listen to the whining grousers, Calhoun. You guys are your own best critics. Put a cow on the next cover! And check out www.visitmootopia.com.

Kenneth Hess



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