Letters: Can a woman understand what it means to be a warrior for God?

"Ransom Notes," Patricia Calhoun, July 1

Man of War

Patricia Calhoun is entitled to her opinion. I am thankful that we live in a country where men have been literal warriors and preserved our nation in the past. I don't expect women, especially those indoctrinated into today's feminism, to understand men very well, and I'm surprised when they do. Needless to say, Patricia has not surprised me.

Tom Hepting


Patricia Calhoun

Posted at westword.com

"House Calls," Melanie Asmar, July 1

The Doctor Is Out

Is this situation really going to get better with everyone knowing about Louis Hampers's indiscretions, especially his children? Were they ever taken into consideration when you wrote this? My heart breaks for his family and the thought of what these kids will go through in the coming months. Shame on you.

Janet Marshall

Posted at westword.com

Seems like everyone got what they deserved in this story. If you are going to put yourself out there on some nasty website, then you deserve whatever comes your way. There are consequences to everything you do in life, and in a much more embarrassing way if you are in the public eye.

What bothers me most is the fact that Hampers is a physician at Children's Hospital...what an utterly disgusting man, who has treated thousands of our children. But this is not the first time a Children's Hospital physician has been in trouble. These people need to be held (or hold themselves) to a high standard or find another profession.

Krista M.

Posted at westword.com

"Wheel Man," Alan Prendergast, June 24

Criminal Justice

My personal opinion on the situation with Darrell Havens: Good. That's justice. This lowlife has leeched off society for far too long, and with the long list of arrests, he's probably cost everyone at least that much long before he was shot. Let him sit and rot, as miserable as he can be.

Dan G.


This whole thing is wrong on so many levels. The chances that the kid was trying to kill anyone that night are less than zero. Surrounded, scared and probably high, he was just trying to get away. But no cameras can attest to that, and you think the cops are not going to back up one of their own? I wish that just one of those cops there that night would tell the truth. Havens is imprisoned in his body for the rest of his life; that is for sure punishment enough.

This story is a great illustration of the problems that guns often cause, especially when non-lethal weapons are at everyone's disposal. The original plan was to tase him. How about blowing out his tires and doing just that? A plan gone horribly wrong and a followup that is even worse. Shame on the police department. Let him out of prison!

Dave Armorman

Posted at westword.com

Westword pisses me off with this one-sided story! What if the cop were killed? Would you feel sorry for Havens then? I say release him and let his daddy support him by working two jobs, twenty hours a day! Let his daddy pay the price for not raising his son the right way and setting a bad example. $200K a year is a joke! Why should we have to spend our tax money on shit like that? Can a judge sign a document saying "no aid" upon his release?

Our justice system and the Colorado Department of Corrections are also to blame. The justice system gives too-weak sentences to first-time offenders. They do their six months to a year, get out and do the same thing again. After going in and out for years, then they might do five to ten years, only to get out and do the same thing again! We all make our own choices in life, but with better upbringing, a lot of this can be avoided. Our tax money could be spent a lot more effectively.

Marc Thurston

Posted at westword.com


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