Letters: Colorado maintains the road up Mount Evans, so why should Coloradans pay to use it?

"No Picnic," Patricia Calhoun, June 3

Sermon on the Mount

I have showed my National Park Pass in the past, so no hassle in going up. However, I think the next time I go, I'll not show it and I will not pay out of principle. That is total BS that they are charging for something that is not theirs to charge for. Let them leave an envelope on my car — I'll toss it back out at the booth.

Mark Odette


Mount Evans


I don't understand the big deal. I will gladly pay $10 to drive this fabulous road and park or not park as I decide on the way. It is a small price to pay, and everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill.

Bill Linfield


The Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest administration seems to have contempt for federal FLREA laws, as seen with the Mount Evans road. Are you surprised? We should be, since they are a federal agency — but then again, this is nothing new, as they have been doing similar things just thirty miles to the north, on the Rollins Pass and Boulder Wagon roads. Both of these roads remain closed in spite of the specific wording in the James Peak Wilderness Protection Act signed into law by Congress in 2001. Since 1999, the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest personnel have taken it upon themselves to flaunt federal law and totally close these longstanding, historic motor-vehicle roads. In this case, not even a fee will allow you to drive them. Coincidence or conspiracy: What's going on here?

Steve Green


It seems as though Forest Service officials, in an attempt to confuse the public, have actually confused themselves.

Frank Drumm

Posted at westword.com

"Lax and the City," Joel Warner, May 27

Lax Marks the Spot

I read every word of Joel Warner's story — and I don't even care about lacrosse. But I now care about these kids and City Lax. Thank you for showing me a side of the city I would never have seen without this article.

Judi Belmont


Heartwarming, inspiring and genuine character is shown in this piece. These are the stories that highlight people who make this world a better place.

Westword, keep giving us positive glimpses into lives that change our world. Bravo to all involved.

Cordelia Randall

Posted at westword.com

Thank you for the in-depth article on Denver's City Lax program. It's an outstanding program worthy of such praise and attention, and you did a wonderful job telling the story.

Steve Stenersen, president & CEO

US Lacrosse

Artbeat, Michael Paglia, May 27

Peak Performance

Michael Paglia's excellent though terse review leaves out an acknowledgment of Tracy Felix's uncanny ability to convey the grandeur, the absolute awesomeness, of the Rockies. This has not been achieved so compellingly since Bierstadt.

I think it was an error to print one of his minor pieces in the issue, which does not necessarily illustrate my point.

Eugene Deikman


"Enchantment," Juliet Wittman, May 13

Voices Carry

I, too, found The Sound of a Voice haunting, and so well-played. Sheila Ivy Traister would get my vote for best actress; her performance was flawless.

Laurie Kaczanowska



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