Letters: Colorado shouldn't award contracts to out-of-state vendors

"Confused State," Off Limits, April 14

This Is a Stick-Up!

Thanks for clearing up why my recent jury summons notice came from Albuquerque. If the State of Colorado paid me minimum wage, I'd be happy to stick on some stamps.

Joel Rogers


Colorado State Court Administrator's Office


It is despicable that the powers-that-be award contracts of any kind to out-of-state vendors when so many of us here in Colorado are unemployed or underemployed. I am a huge proponent of buying, and hiring, locally.

The decision-makers at the Colorado State Court Administrator's Office should be fired!

Michelle Mobley


Why is there a saguaro cactus in that graphic? Those don't exist in New Mexico, as they only grow in the Sonoran Desert. (I moved back to Denver last year after living in Albuquerque for six years, and people in New Mexico are very, very sensitive about being mistaken for Arizona.)

B. Erin Cole


"Trigger Happy," Patricia Calhoun, April 14

Cure for the Common Cold War

Yes, the tepee on the railroad tracks as an exhibit lives on. It will take an interesting shape in the temporary building.

Thirty years and counting. Try to remember what it looked like: sitting quietly, waiting for the train to come, for the winter to come, and, yes, what a winter — 60-mile-an-hour winds, 25 below zero, cold and cold again.

Remember the Rocky Flats Truth, started April 29, 1978 — and yes, we are still alive and well. Peace and carrots.

Patrick Malone

Atlanta, Georgia

"A Dam Shame," Alan Prendergast, April 28


How deplorable to use the power of one's office to destroy someone's life and career by fabricating lies about his work, just to protect the documented wrongdoings of the boyfriend (now husband) of one's assistant. That is precisely what State Engineer Dick Wolfe did to me. Wolfe threatened me on several occasions (once in writing) that filing a complaint against Mark Haynes would hurt my career...and he made sure to carry out his threats.

As Haynes testified, I was never told about alleged poor performance during the entire 2008-09 review period, despite my many unanswered requests for feedback from Haynes and Wolfe. In August 2008, I requested a mid-year review from Haynes, and he never even responded. In January 2009, Haynes finally gave me an interim review, during which he didn't say anything negative about my work. But two months later, immediately after filing my complaint, I somehow became an "incompetent" employee (Wolfe's words).

Whether it be Kim Burgess's refusal to condemn Haynes's clear violations of the DNR Performance Management Plan...or Scott Cuthbertson's calling me a "smartass"...or Haynes's lengthy list of retaliatory actions...or Wolfe's turning a blind eye to Haynes's unethical acts...the evidence is overwhelmingly on my side. I was illegally terminated.

The case is still under review by the appeals court and the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission. Another case is about to be filed in Federal District Court.

And contrary to what Wolfe has implied, none of Haynes's dams have ever been reviewed for safety compromises.

John Redding


"Mega Watt," Tom Murphy, April 21

Watt's New?

I've been listening to Mike Watt in one incarnation or another since about 1985, and this statement from Tom Murphy was about the best summary of that band I've ever read: "Minutemen explored the nature of human existence through mini-political manifestos, speaking directly and honestly about what it means to want something, to be someone, and to be a real friend with bonds deeper than a superficial connection through ephemeral cultural artifacts."

Thanks for keeping the faith.

Erik Sikkema

Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Get Your Goat," Laura Shunk, April 21

Sermon on the Mount

Mt. Everest is awesome. I have been going there two times a week. I just wish Westword would not have done a review, as now I'm sure it will be hard to get in for lunch.

Terry Womble


"Sweet!," Juliet Wittman, April 21

No Donuts, Please

Thank you for Juliet Wittman's reviews of Superior Donuts and Ruined. I'm in a "Reviewing the Arts" class, and part of our required work is to analyze reviews by others. I've dissected the aforementioned works, and I consider both informative and well-written.

The review of Ruined motivated me to see the play, and I agree with most of what she said. Due to that experience, I have quickly come to trust her opinion, and I will now stay away from Superior Donuts.

Ryan Katz



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