Letters from the week of April 16

"Ahead of the Needle," Melanie Asmar, April 9

Missing the Point

Yeah, and we should also teach people how to drive drunk. People are going to do it anyway, regardless if it puts the rest of society at harm, right? And you don't know why Denver isn't behind this?

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Ward Churchill

Thank you for the story about the underground needle-exchange program being administered by some truly courageous individuals in Denver. The piece was both informative and frustrating. It is upsetting that Colorado has taken such a hard-line stance on the program of exchanging clean needles for dirty ones. The argument so often used against a needle-exchange program — that it will somehow encourage drug use — is ludicrous. The drugs are on the street and they will be used, regardless if the user is injecting them with a clean needle or a dirty one. Allowing users access to clean needles will surely prevent diseases like HIV or hepatitis spreading amongst other users, sexual partners or children.

I hope Governor Ritter has the courage to push the state legislature to repeal Colorado's arcane prohibition on a needle-exchange program. It's long past due.

Brett A. Malkowich


I really enjoyed "Ahead of the Needle," but I kept getting hung up on the political shadows. I noticed when pointing out the failure of the needle-exchange legislation, it was a Republican responsibility. But when the Democrat governor and former DA who once supported the measure now does not support it, there was no mention of his political party. It was a great article — but it would have been better without the political overtones.

John Cloud


"Tofu Luck," Off Limits, April 9


This "ILVTOFU" story is hilarious. It seems as though the children of Kelly Coffman-Lee must be very young. Anyone over the age of eight is going to say, "Mommm..." in regard to her vanity-plate request. The fact that they all suffer from protein deficiency doesn't help any of their thinking. None of these stories mentions a husband. If he's in the picture, he's likely as addled as the rest of this family.

I've met many folks like Ms. Coffman-Lee, militant vegetarians with minivans plastered with left-wing bumperstickers. I find them universally clueless — otherwise, they wouldn't flaunt their ignorance in public. Feeding children a vegan diet is child abuse. Anyone wanting "balance" isn't giving it to their children with rabbit food and bean curd. In my hippie days, I met many vegetarians and health-food nuts. Most appeared as though strained through cheesecloth and wouldn't make it through a physical day of work.

All things in moderation, and Ms. Coffman-Lee should get some proper nutrition. She might find brain function greatly improved, leading to learning new things. However, most of these people would prefer to stumble around in the dark. I find Kelly Coffman-Lee and her ilk to be, in a word, pathetic.

Pat Desrosiers


"How to Make the Switch to Digital TV," Kenny Be, April 9

TV or Not TV?

Kenny Be's April 9 Worst-Case Scenario cartoon suggested that channels 7 and 12 might be out of business. That's definitely not the case! We want you to know, because KBDI loves Westword readers! By June 12, the station will move to a permanent digital frequency — frequency 13 — and will increase power by about 40 percent. When we are at full power, we anticipate that the small percentage of viewers who currently are having reception problems will have great reception. Check for updates at www.KBDI.org!

Marcia Simmons

KBDI-Channel 12


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