Letters: "If Robert Walters did these things to American women here, I can't imagine what he did in the war"

"Dead End," Melanie Asmar, July 14

Bully Pulpit

It's unfortunate that this young woman was killed, but we can't pretend that Brittney Brashers bears no responsibility at all for her death.

Don't get me wrong: If these allegations are true, as they appear to be, Robert Walters is a piece of scum and a disgrace to the uniform he wore. But Brittney was not a completely innocent victim. It was bad enough that she chose to start an affair with a man that she knew was married, but she continued to see him despite multiple warnings from her commander that it could end her military career. And the very first time he hit her, she should have packed up, moved on and never seen him again. Men who treat women that way are bullies and cowards, and will always be bullies and cowards. Women cannot "change" them, "fix" them or "save" them from themselves. Going back again and again to that kind of man doesn't show love, it shows idiocy. When a woman repeatedly goes back to a man who abuses her, despite multiple warnings from multiple people, she only hurts herself until she wises up — or ends up dead, like Brittney.

Sara Martinez


Oh, gee, here we go again. Bright young man has promising future. Young man gets married. Husband falls in love with someone else.

Husband starts an affair. Wife knows about the affair but doesn't care. Husband and girlfriend's careers are in limbo. Girlfriend is told to stay away from husband. Husband and girlfriend are separated. Girlfriend calls husband. Husband goes to girlfriend. Affair starts again. Husband and girlfriend don't get along. Girlfriend is told again to stay away from husband. Husband asks girlfriend to meet him. Girlfriend says okay. Girlfriend taunts and teases husband. Husband kills girlfriend. Wife knows about it but doesn't care. Husband goes on trial for murder. Husband's mama says, "That's my baby." Husband's lawyers say he's bipolar, manic depressive and suffers from PTSD. Judge sets a trial date.

Spoiler alert! Here's the ending. Husband goes to jail! Mama cries! Wife gets a divorce! And the taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

Okay. First of all, Brittney isn't a victim; she's a volunteer! Second, Robbie isn't a murderer; he's a mama's boy! And third, you can get tried nowadays for stupidity. Everyone who has already seen this story on a movie of the week, raise your hand.

Boy, TV just ain't what it used to be.

Whatever happened to Mitch Miller?

Norma Wilson


There are unfortunately people like that in any genre; it doesn't reflect on vets. I must admit I was a bit intrigued or I would never have read the whole story. Low class begets low class. In any case, I want to come to the trial. I could write a low-class book.

Teddy Williams


I'm a veteran. If Robert Walters did these things to American women here, I can't imagine what he did in the war. Personally, I would take the bastard out back and shoot him. Prison is too good for an ass like that, a damn punk. Either way, he's going to pay. Trust me!

P. Valdez

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Editor's note: For more, lots more, on "Dead End," go to westword.com, where you can read the original story as well as all the comments.

Chef and Tell, Lori Midson, July 21

Hog Heaven

I got a kick out of Lori Midson's piece on Devil's Food Bakery and Cookery, mainly because I also think all three of the Benedicts are "fucking sick." Mike Sullivan, please — please — put scrapple on the menu. I never could get mine as good as my grandma's, and if you can come close, I'd look for a house in the Gaylord area to come more often. Pig parts and cornmeal forever!

Roger Wolcott



Clean Up Your Act!

I know it sells papers, but there comes a point when it's just too much, and that's your use of profanity in an article. Discretion is the better part of valor (and journalism). Why can't you bleep out the F word? It makes your paper read like a rag. Clean it up just a bit — you can make an article interesting without the potty language.

Jennifer Knight


When I open this magazine, I expect to see my neighbors, friends, friends of friends of Denver making this beautiful city what it is and having a paper represent and show off what they are doing! But I can barely read the scrawny black-and-white print that pathetically tries to tell their story.

Cut out the obnoxious overflow of ads. Everything that is in color should not be in color. This magazine, even though it's free, is a waste of time and money.

Kaine Walsh


"I Am Trying to Break Your Heart," Jef Otte, July 7

Take Cover

Jef Otte demonstrates his bias by insulting the easy targets and not knowing much about the subject. Tom Petty and Katrina and the Waves do have legal standing: See Jackson Browne v. John McCain in 2008. The McCain campaign ended up owing money to Browne because of copyright infringement. But the larger issue is how often people misinterpret the lyrics of songs. "Born in the USA" is about the loss of the American dream, not a jingoistic, feel-good song about being American. "American Girl" is about a party girl wanting to get laid — which, I guess, is a feel-good song about being American. A more appropriate song for Michele Bachmann would be the Guess Who's "American Woman," but since that is a Canadian band, she could use the Lenny Kravitz cover. This would actually be closer to this article's premise that Bachmann is a sequel — more like a cover version, I think. Same shtick, different person.

Wade Sears

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