Letters: "Just about every Denver mayor in recent memory has been a sock puppet for crooks"

"Mayoral Menagerie," Kenny Be, May 12

Political Animals

Thank you for so nicely skewering both of the candidates for doing little to disprove that they will be anything more than complacent errand boys for the same shady combine of rapacious business interests, developers and public employee unions that Dickinpooper served so well, in exchange for which he was handed the governorship so he could do more of the same at the state level.

There is a reason Romer got the most campaign money and Hancock sailed past others no less unqualified than he — and it has nothing to do with the degree to which they will end the abuses perpetrated by the crooks for whom Dickinpooper fronted with his Boy Scout act and for whom just about every Denver mayor in recent memory has been a sock puppet.


Denver mayor's race

Mark Brennan


NOW HEAR THIS, Tom Murphy, May 12

Wrong Number

Regarding Tom Murphy's "review" of the latest Cars record and tour, in which he says "sometimes re-formed bands kind of phone it in...". Sometimes would-be music critics kind of phone it in, too, with bland regurgitations of standard press releases like this one. Ten to one the guy hasn't listened to a lick of the new record — and oh, yeah, who's this Peter Orr who passed on? Certainly not Ben Orr from the Cars.

Jon Melsness


"Not So Fine," Laura Shunk, May 12

Shred Alert!

I've written music reviews for years, and it was always much easier to write a scathing review than one that was thoughtful, honest and insightful. I haven't read all of Laura Shunk's reviews, but the ones that I have read have seemed overly critical and just plain mean. She takes a great restaurant and rips it to shreds (see what she had to say about Barolo, for example). Most recently, I read her reviews of Lou's Food Bar and Green Russell; she did have some positive feedback, but it was all soured by her tone. If you review everything as wonderful, you lose credibility. You also bore readers if you use the same harping tone in every review. I beg the question: Can you be a critic without being so critical?

Molly C. Denver

Editor's note: For many more comments on Shunk's reviews of Lou's and Green Russell, go to westword.com.

"Coming Out to America," Melanie Asmar, May 5

Law and Ardor

As a legal immigrant, period (from Australia), I find there's so much sympathy out there for all the illegal aliens (and I feel sorry for their plight), but I've been here five years with at least another five to go before I get residency (even though I've been approved). That's another five years of living in limbo — a total of ten years of living in limbo. I've never broken the law, I bought a house, employ Americans, do all the right stuff, but no one cares — and there are hundreds of thousands of us in what is known as the "endless wait." How about a story on legal immigrants and our difficulties?

G. Fogarty


Melanie Asmar's story was very moving. But it only briefly mentioned that Kassandra's case was first identified by "a group that secures pro bono attorneys for immigrants who stand a chance at being granted asylum." That organization — the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN) — is a nonprofit that provides free services to thousands of detained immigrants every year. People who care about Kassandra and others fleeing persecution should know that RMIAN cannot exist without community support. As chair of the board of directors, I urge readers to support RMIAN (www.rmian.org).

Patricia Medige



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