Letters: "Kids should not be anywhere near that monstrosity"

"Black Out," Alan Prendergast, September 30

The Coal, Hard Facts

Thanks for Alan Prendergast's insightful look at how Lamar's power company is rushing forward back into the past. Yes, green energy has its costs — but it's a price we must pay if we are going to be realistic about our energy needs in the future. To focus on coal for power in this day and age is a crime.

Joel Marx




The situation in Lamar outrages me! I have several family members in Lamar (Cliff Warren being one of them), and it makes me sick that they have to live in conditions such as these. My mother moved to Lamar a few years ago, and it concerns me greatly that she is breathing this stuff every day. Something needs to be done, and I'm glad to see the citizens taking some action. Don't back down!

Kinsey Lee

Colorado Springs

Kids should not be anywhere near that monstrosity, and the same goes for asthmatics. The incidence of asthma and kidney disease is much greater near coal-fired power plants. You can also expect mercury-contaminated fish in the area sometime in the future.

James Bowen


Who is the idiot who allowed a power plant in the center of town? Look at virtually every other coal plant, and you will find them far outside of town.

Eric Kelton

Posted at westword.com

"Full Gallop," Juliet Wittman, September 30

A Matter of Horse

There is no other experience that compares to Cavalia. It is extraordinary, and parts of the performance are very moving. If you have the chance to see it and you miss it, you will have passed up the opportunity to create an amazing memory for yourself.

Debra Zeller

Tucson, Arizona

"A Crying Shame," Patricia Calhoun, September 23

Inhumane Services

I'm really glad I read this article, because I suffered so much abuse when I was little. I care what happened to Kristen, because I've been her. I wish I could have jumped out of my fear, panic, depression back in '96 to advocate for her. No one wants to hear about this awful stuff, and that is why these people get away with it. Everyone is too afraid to look at evil and do something about it.

Thank you for finally putting a face and soul to this victim.

Delia Aldrich


This is a woman who did the best thing she knew to do for her four children. She has been victimized by her rapist, her mother, the school system, the social-services system and now the courts. She deserves our compassion and our outrage on her behalf, not our judgment. It is absolutely ludicrous that she is being billed for her children being in foster care. She was a minor when her children were conceived out of rape. I want to know where to send my check for her legal bills and treatment for all of the trauma she has experienced.

Kristen Stillman has been horribly victimized, but she is a fighter. As citizens of the state that perpetuated the wrongs done to her, we have an obligation to support her and all survivors of abuse not just with our words, but with our votes and our actions. And here's a thought: Her foster-care bill should be paid by the schools she attended and the Department of Human Services. And to Kristen, thank you for being brave enough to tell your story and truly putting your family first. I hope that you are able to find peace and joy in the life that you are finally able to build for yourself, on your terms!

Sarah Josephson

Colorado Springs


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