Letters: Late-night LoDo has nothing on the Bumuda Triangle

"Bums' Rush," Patricia Calhoun, June 9

Triangular Trade

I used to think leaving LoDo bars late at night was scary — but that part of town has nothing on the Bumuda Triangle! I just don't want to be the person who gets swallowed up in that black hole.

Joe Garcia




Thank you for your article regarding Eddie Maestas Park. The site has been problematic from day one. The park had long been a spillover area for the Denver Rescue Mission and the other supporters of Denver's homeless and indigent population; in a way, it was their park before anyone else's. The site is riddled with problems, and I felt it would fail in any way to honor Eddie Maestas. To take a small, derelict triangle of property surrounded by asphalt in the midst of the Denver Rescue Mission and other facilities and try to make it a real park that honored Eddie was asking too much. The city's original design even included armrests on the benches to deter people from sleeping on them. 

I was a close friend of Karle Seydel's and shared my concerns with him that it was not feasible to try to just push the homeless out of the area. I can't offer easy solutions, as there are none. Maybe some park/recognition site closer to the Ballpark would serve Eddie better. I feel for both Eddie's family and the homeless. and hope something good for everyone can come out of this. 

Steve Walker


There is a police camera mounted on a telephone pole at the northwest corner of the park. The police camera can pan, zoom and record everything going on in the park. It is by far the world's smallest park, and every square inch of the park can be viewed by the police camera. Why, then, are more drugs sold in this park than in any other park in the United States?

Ray Denonville


"Need for Speed," Ron S. Doyle, June 9

A Vicious Cycle

Everyone left out the other local story involving electrical vehicles and the packs that were produced for the Dodge Intrepid ESX...as well as the original KillaCycle. Bill Dubé owes a bit of thanks to the Bolder Technologies TMF (Thin Metal Film ) power cell. Bolder Technologies was ahead of its time and was allowed to be outsourced. Golden lost a potential energy hub.... I spent quite a few hours of company time working on the packs, and the KillaCycle was the first thing you saw when you entered the lobby of our building.

I hate revisionist history, especially when it involves my former employers. The Bolder Technologies story is a classic example of what happens when the top brass decide to outsource the whole plant: Bring in an outsider with an Eastern attitude, and in six months the company is history in the United States.

Arthur Blackwell


I Am Trying to Break Your Heart,

Jef Otte, June 9

The Light Stuff

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can't tell you how many concerts I've been to and you can't see the artist because every moron around you is taking a picture with their flashlight/phone. They will then continue taking photos all night long without paying attention to anyone but themselves. Don't even get me started on movie theaters...

Alex Teitz


"All In," Alan Prendergast, June 2

All Bets Are Off

Very interesting article. The gambling games can be analyzed top to bottom, but they are only games. Different rules, different instruments, luck or skill, maybe even a little cheating. But all in all, they are only games, played by people. Poker, roulette, craps, 21, the big wheel, keno, bingo and hundreds of others have been around for years. What's the big deal? The big deal is m-o-n-e-y. If a big game of Texas Hold 'Em was held in Central Park in New York City, played for fun and the winner received a round of rousing applause, no one would give a hoot. But when money is introduced into the game as a fee for playing, or as a prize for good play, many people — especially the government gurus — get their shorts in a knot. Nobody really cares if a game is mostly luck or if it's all skill. The people who are most concerned about the activity are interested in the money. Who's getting the money? Will the players get money? Will the provider of the games get money? Will they give their honest share to the government? Will government employees and their cronies get money? Where does the money go?

If the numbers on where the money goes are analyzed, a whole different perspective will be revealed. Bet on it.

Terry Terril

Tampa, Florida

"The Watcher," Joel Warner, May 19

Watch What Happens

First off, thank you to all the concerned citizens who break out their portable camera phones and video these massive abuses that are indeed spreading. Police brutality is up nearly 30 percent since 9/11. I believe the "war" on terror is a hoax, simply a pretext to continue the empire-building that benefits only the elite these days. In fact, we the people are paying for their empire-building.

Every time one of these videos of police abuse and brutality surfaces, I encourage every single person to call the police station near where the event happened and demand action. We are allowing so much nonsense in America because we are not voicing our opinion. We are simply standing by while they destroy our rights, the Constitution and this country. Perhaps it is out of fear, numbness.... Whatever the reason, it cannot continue.

Nick Zane

Tulsa, Oklahoma


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