Letters: Monica Alonzo's coyotes story should be required reading on the immigration issue

"Seized," Monica Alonzo, August 12


What a horrifying situation. These people are being systematically persecuted and murdered. I know that President Obama has "more boots on the ground at the border" than at any time in U.S. history, and I know he's fined hundreds of employers who hire illegal workers millions of dollars. And the fingerprint program is going strong, deporting thousands of illegal immigrants with criminal records. Despite Republicans spouting their outrage about illegal immigrants, they largely will not support immigration reform to help deal with this problem.


Barack Obama

I am a longtime Westword reader, and I found this story quite moving. It really opened my eyes to some of the experiences that immigrants go through to come here for a better life. It should be required reading for all those interested in the immigration issue.

Lisa Willis


Oh, we don't have border trouble in Arizona, and Obama and his feds are suing Arizona. These coyotes are such nice guys; maybe Obama and Calderon could talk about it. Of course, it might interrupt Obama's celebrating the feast of Ramadan at the White House. What a guy old Barack Hussein is! Aren't we impressed?

Frank Galmish


Exploitation: The immigration problem is a great human tragedy altogether fostered by our government and its underground agenda of financing black-ops and secret-ops programs via the sex-slave trade and illegal drugs, not to mention our exploiting cheap labor to keep inflation in check while providing unscrupulous corporations beaucoup dollars — all under the radar. Follow the money.

If we really wanted to close the border, we would have done so decades ago; it is deliberately left porous. If we want to stop border crossings and illegal immigration, we should first stop sending mixed messages. We have ruined beautiful Mexico for decades to come, nearly destroying her social and political fabric.   

Gene Edwards

Colorado Springs

What can we do as Mexican-Americans to help resolve this issue? How can we help stop these criminals and stop this hatred toward all Mexicans, American or not? I am of Mexican descent and not ashamed of my heritage. I am first American, and I do think all people should do what is right by entering this country legally. At the same time, I don't like or appreciate the mistreatment of illegals or the racial hatred toward Mexicans.

Rene Terrazas

Las Cruces, New Mexico


So these people and others came up with $1,800 each for the "coyote service" — when the same article states the income of these people is less than $7.80 a day? I wonder how much it would cost to enter this country legally? I'm not against immigration — don't get me wrong. I'm just for controlled "legal" immigration. And that goes for anyone.

Before anyone starts screaming "racism," let's remember this: These are Mexican people killing, torturing and raping their own race. So before anyone wants to cry about evil America and our racist attitude for wanting to protect our borders, let's realize who the coyotes and the drug cartels are killing and abusing for profit. It's genocide, in a way.

Rod Chapman


This is a very detailed article about the daily life of an immigrant trying to cross to U.S. territory. My brother had this experience, and we paid $3,000 to get him free. Many people don't understand the real situation about the poor pollos or poor people from small towns in Mexico. I believe the main problem is the immigration system. If the immigration system gets flexible for all people, with one- or two-year programs so everyone can have the opportunity to make some dollars and go back home, it will be a better border. The immigration system now is creating these types of situations. If you are Mexican and have $5,000 and an apartment and apply to enter the U.S. legally, you will be rejected; that's why many people pay $3,000 and get a coyote. On the other hand, if you are an American and have $2,000 in savings, just get your passport and go to Cancún and have fun.

So do you think this is a fair system?

Hector Montalvo

Zongolica, Mexico


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