Letters: Patti Cramer brought a "twinkle" to all

"Pot Luck," Laura Shunk, October 7

Slow Boil

How could Laura Shunk enjoy a meal after seeing that? Killing animals for food is bad enough, but slow torture for entertainment? What sentient human being could enjoy that?

Liz Lemonds


Patti Cramer


Just read Laura Shunk's Korean barbecue review and loved it. I think that this line — "And the deeply delightful jukumi daeji bulgogi — a combination of fat-laced hunks of pork and springy baby octopi — reminds me why I love eating baby animals. (That's right, PETA: all the flavor of a big animal packed into a tiny baby body)" — might be one of the best I've read in a review. Ever.

I really enjoy her writing.

Brian Hoffmeyer Denver

This was a disgusting review the way it started, and it was hard to tell if it was good eats with the continuous gross references throughout the article. Eww!

Tryna Rhodes


"Colorado's Next Big Sound," Joel Warner, October 7

Strike Up the Band

I will agree with you that most of these bands should be on this list, but not all of these bands are buzzing in Colorado. I know of one band that has been big in Colorado for the past couple of years that isn't on the list, a band that has Colorado constantly buzzing. Not only has it played with big names like the Ataris and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, but it has a huge fan base that sells out its shows. I was sad to find that Regret Night wasn't mentioned. These boys have not only built an incredible fan base and reputation in Colorado, but they are also featured in November's issue of Alternative Press magazine.

So, yes, I was majorly surprised that they were not on the list.

Svetlana Joukova


I was surprised not to see DJ MLE in your article! She has recently become one of the nation's top female DJs. She lives in Denver! I hope you will check her out.

Barbara Stanley


"Paint the Town," Patricia Calhoun, October 7


I was happy to find this great story in Westword, since it was Patti Cramer who helped me to burst into the newsroom there as an intern long ago. I, too, was a big fan of her artistic talent and also admired the enthusiasm and "twinkle" that she brought to all interactions with friends. Thanks, Patti!

Anne Eigeman

Washington, D.C.

I was introduced to Patti Cramer's art before I met the artist. It was a show at the Carol Siple Gallery at Alamo Plaza. When I saw "Dancin'" hanging, I fell in love with Patti's work and immediately purchased the piece.

Patti was a very dear acquaintance and displayed graciousness, gentility and professionalism during our occasional meetings and encounters. I am honored to have known the person as she existed on this earth. Her work displayed in my home as well as in other venues will forever bring to my mind and heart the artist who is Patti Cramer.

Dwayne Peterson


Editor's note: A show of Patti Cramer's work will hang at Dazzle, 930 Lincoln Street, until 2 p.m. Sunday, October 24. Although all the pieces in that show are from private collections, you can still get one of Cramer's drawings: Westword has a stash of the Overheard Conversations she did over the years for the paper, and you can pick one out in exchange for a donation to the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter in Patti Cramer's memory. This impromptu gallery will be open from 8 to 5 weekdays through the end of October at the Westword office, 969 Broadway — and the drawings will also be available at Dazzle from noon to 2 p.m. on October 24. For more information, e-mail friendsofcramer@westword.com.


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