Letters: Readers yelp about food, chefs and immigration

Chef and Tell, Lori Midson,

November 4

A Cry for Yelp

Congrats to Lori Midson for her work with Chef and Tell; her positive views of local chefs are usually fun to read. But the profile of Scott Parker, cook at Table 6, misses the mark, however well-intended. Parker's food comes across his table exactly as he comes across in print: dull, tasteless and crude. Perhaps his food could benefit from sharpening his knife as well as his wit.

Bill Janssen


Chef and Tell


How disappointing that Scott Parker decided to be so nasty to people who review on Yelp. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but to insult an entire group of people and call them "bored, jobless layabouts with not many friends" as well as "inbreds" is in poor taste. How does Mr. Parker think Yelpers are able to afford to eat at such restaurants if they are jobless layabouts?

Yes, I review on Yelp. And, yes, I've reviewed local restaurants as well as national chains. I've also reviewed hair salons, dry cleaners, my vet and many other services. Yelp has also helped me to discover many local establishments that I'm now a regular at. At one time, Table 6 was included in that group. I think they have an outstanding brunch. However, I'll spend my money elsewhere going forward.

Additionally, Lori Midson's decision to write such a vitriolic response regarding the article on her Westword blog has put me off your publication completely. While the publication is free, events such as Dish and Artopia are not; 2010 will be the last year that I attend the aforementioned events.

Not only did she write her opinion, but she decided to print the screen from the Yelp commentary regarding this situation. She knew doing that would add more fuel to the fire. While she may or may not have a reason to be angry with her former employer, airing dirty laundry is always in poor taste. Just think how she'll treat Village Voice Media if she leaves.

Yelp isn't a new concept. It's just a modern spin on something that has always existed: word of mouth.

Amanda Tropp


Editor's note: Read Scott Parker's complete Chef and Tell interview as well as Lori Midson's post about Yelp on the Cafe Society blog at westword.com.

"Road to Nowhere," Melanie Asmar, November 11

Border Wars

Our enforcement of the current laws is lacking for political reasons. What really needs to be done is jail time for the business owners, CEOs and others who hire illegals. The illegal problem would cease overnight.

Dwight Froe


The laws are clear: Illegals by their very presence in the U.S. are criminals. They insist they have done nothing wrong, which clearly indicates that these same illegals lack the necessary high standard of ethics to function in a First World society. These people, by federal statistics, are unskilled and uneducated (the very kind of person that no country wants as an immigrant). What is necessary is for the political will to be mobilized to remove these criminals from our great nation. Remove them, and keep them out.

Michael Conger


"Out to Lunch," Laura Shunk, November 11

Bun on the Run

There are other places to find a burger, but nowhere else can you find the H Burger. It's the whole package, from taste and variety to presentation, space and location. These guys have done it right. H Burger is a fun and pleasurable time, day or night and everything in between.

Mark Holmes


H must stand for Hell, because that's what I consider every meal I've tried at that joint.

Sarah Miner



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