Letters to the Editor

"Hot for Teacher," Adam Cayton-Holland, November 29

Teacher's Fret

As a former Graland alumna (alumnae? — I didn't take Latin at Graland), I found Adam Cayton-Holland's take on the whole sex-scandal situation almost dead-on. I feel his indignance about many former classmates. It's been twenty years, and I've stayed in contact with hardly anyone. The students there were not any more moral or well-behaved than their counterparts at my other alma mater, the almost-defunct Denver North.

I do think that one point has to be made. The teachers at Graland were the best thing about that place. Adam's attitude toward Graland, well-deserved though it may be, missed the mark about what is most disturbing here. These teachers are the cream of the crop and have some of the best credentials around — but you never really know, do you? Both of us may have been surprised by this story, but Adam could at least have pointed out the usual caliber of professionalism and ability among the ranks of Graland teachers. They had my back then. I have theirs now.
JoAnna Valdez
Wheat Ridge

"Smothered," Adam Cayton-Holland, November 29

The Forecast Is Chile

God bless Stella Cordova and her green chile. I was introduced to Chubby's just this past year and was saddened at how many years I had wasted eating substandard chile. I'm now a fairly frequent wee-hour visitor — I literally crave the tamales and, of course, the chile. Danny's beautiful eyes and calm demeanor at 3 a.m. make this trip to Chubby's even more spectacular. I love the frenetic atmosphere in the lobby, the sounds from the kitchen...and Danny's beautiful eyes. This Irish girl hopes they win their battle, expand like they deserve to and continue to serve the masses with such class. The name of my company (Iced Dreams Cakes) has also been ripped off by another group. Fortunately, they are in Texas. Unfortunately, they suck at what they do. It's not fun being associated with inferior products.
Kelley Farrell


Graland Country Day School

Thanks, Westword, for telling us all about the gray lockbox under the counter where the old lady puts the $100 bills. I'm really glad you mentioned it twice, or I might have missed it. Next time I or any of my thug friends want to make a quick buck, we'll know where to go.
Jessie Valdez
via the Internet

It's great that Leonard Cordova says, "I'm not saying I'm the original Chubby's," when the printing on the window of his ugly-ass Bubbachino's Humvee in the picture says "The Original Chubby's."

Slick move.
Gronald Buerger

"Westword Holiday Gift Ideas," November 29

Pup Talk

This is in response to the Westword recommendation of a puppy as the #1 holiday gift idea. Every year the hundred-odd groups affiliated with All Breed Rescue Network rehabilitate and rehome nearly 4,000 purebred dogs in Colorado.  Most of those animals were acquired as puppies by their original owners on impulse and without thought or understanding of what it takes to raise a well-trained, properly socialized dog. When the animal has outgrown its adorableness, they all too often toss it out.

Most conscientious breeders and rescuers also know that the Christmas holidays, with all the attendant excitement and upheaval, are a terrible time to introduce a vulnerable and sensitive puppy into a family. They will wait until after the first of the year to send the animal to its new home.

Surprising someone with a live animal is never a good idea. You may think that your mother needs a dog.  She may be very happy with a life in which she does not have to worry about anyone but herself for a while.

You can give the gift of a pet by wrapping some supplies and enclosing a gift certificate from a shelter or an application from a rescue organization.

A puppy is for life — not just for Christmas.
Martha Smith, president
All Breed Rescue Network, Inc.

Editor's note: Thanks to Martha and the dozens of others who wrote regarding the first suggestion in "Westword Holiday Gift Ideas," a special project of our advertising department — and not an editorial recommendation (as anyone who ever encountered Max, our original office dog, would know).


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