Letters to the Editor

"Pork Belly," Jason Sheehan, January 31

A Fine Bromance

Man-flirting? Jason Sheehan is so in love with the sound of his own words that I find it hard to believe he'd even notice a budding male romance — platonic or not!
Gale Stein

Here we go again.  Another illogical letter writer faulting Jason Sheehan. Marian Gurnee criticizes Sheehan's review of Ali Baba Grill ("The Main Chance," January 17) for his lack of food knowledge and his poor writing.  She's in error twice.


Jason Sheehan

She cites Jason's 169-word-long sentence, whose very length "invalidates his review and shows that he is not a professional." Jason's sentence length and syntactic structure have nothing to do with the culinary- and gastronomic-knowledge content of any of his sentences. Nothing in the King's English is still nothing. Most writers strive for short and punchy sentences at times, but they often write longer ones for variety and completeness. Using 169 words in a sentence isn't easy. Jason's sense of humor and his relaxed, discursive style make for fascinating reading as he tells it like it is with realism and fairness. 

Marian's two paragraphs lack the unity and details she needs to support her generalizations. She may have justified reasons for liking Ali Baba Grill, but she hasn't given them. 
Tom Jenkins

I only pick up your trashy paper for the restaurant news. Is Jason Sheehan paid by the word, and double for filthy language? He rambles on about nothing of importance. All we need to know is how good the service is, the menu specials, etc. We do not need to read all the details. I am really offended by his language, and I can't believe you allow it.
Name withheld on request

"Hello Columbus," Patricia Calhoun, January 24

Charade Rest

If our annual Columbus Day Charade ties up Denver's courts for a week, I shudder to think what will happen when real protesters come to town for the Democratic National Convention. And none of them had better quote Martin Luther King Jr.
Susan Washington

I read the article on Columbus Day; thank you so much for being honest on what happened. Why doesn't Glenn Morris help the children on the reservations? Then he will get the glory he seems to so badly need and will help the children have a bright and beautiful future.

I talk to my family back east and tell them not to have their children come to Colorado to go to college where Glenn Morris is a teacher.
Mickie Clayton

"Cry, Cry Again," Patricia Calhoun, January 10

Losers, Weepers

The lesson of "Cry, Cry Again" is people in government historically manipulating the American people in various ways, regardless of gender. So one could simply flip a coin to select the next president. This tripe about one candidate having more experience than another is simply fodder for fools! With the numerous advisors available to a president, how much experience is necessary? A person with a college education, common sense and a sense of fair play should qualify — but that's in an ideal world.

It is not Hillary's gender that concerns me, but her icy demeanor. This demeanor calls into questions her genuineness and humanness. Is there a warm heart there, or does she simply mimic human emotion? Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin, among others, all seem very menacing characters. Is there an emotional double standard based on gender in politics? Perhaps a better question would be, if you were blind, would you want Hillary leading you?
Anthony Gilchrist

Is Hillary a real woman? Close scrutiny of her "logic" shows that she often compares oranges to apples. I hope real ladies can contain themselves until a genuine and warm matron runs for the office.
Mike Ptacek


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