Letters to the Editor

"Stupor Delegate," Adam Cayton-Holland, February 21

Loose Change

Regarding Adam Cayton-Holland's surprise at having locals in Tanzania being knowledgeable about the candidacy of Barack Obama, I would posit that almost certainly the main reason is that in their eyes, Obama is the first American Muslim presidential candidate (Wikipedia reports that approximately 35 percent of the mainland population of Tanzania is Muslim, with Zanzibar approaching 99 percent). Of course, Mr. Obama and his campaign staff would certainly deny this, but the word is out throughout the Islamic world that the United States is poised to elect a Muslim as its next president.

Here in America, we view religion as a personal choice, but this is not the case in patriarchal Islam, where one's religion is drawn from his or her father's lineage and the penalty for apostasy is death. In Obama's case, his father (and stepfather) were both Muslims, and so in the Islamic world, Obama is a Muslim.


Tibet�s Restaurant

In the end, Adam Cayton-Holland travels the world and sees locals psyched that America is ready to elect someone they see as aligned with themselves, and mistakes that for an improvement over our current president — who at least in theory represents the interests of the U.S. When someone is promising "change" and you're cheering wildly and unthinkingly, perhaps you should consider getting some details on what "change" the candidate has in mind, as that's the part I never hear from Obama.
Kevin Kelley

Letters to the Editor, February 7

No Free Lunch

Hey, guys! I'm getting tired of your negative reactions to Jason Sheehan's restaurant reviews each week.  Why don't you give him the same right to free expression as Westword gives you when it prints your letters of incoherence, ignorance and closed-mindedness? 

Well, I'm not really tired of it.  I like pointing out Jason's consistent willingness to go to any restaurant and give his honest praise or condemnation of it afterward with style and fervor. Yes, he can be blunt, abrasive, crude and even hurtful, but by God, how he can write!  Jason can pull together the most disparate mess of gastronomic truths, culinary facts and historic trivia into a mellifluous blend of entertaining reading. 

He did it again with "Hello, Dalai," his review of Tibet's Restaurant in the February 14 issue. The first paragraph is a gem.
Tom Jenkins

I love Jason Sheehan. I just finished reading his review for Ya Hala ("Baklava for More," November 2, 2006), because I googled Denver's Best Baklava and it came up. Now it's all I can do to stay at my desk and not run out, get in my car, and go to that restaurant.

That's food writing at its best.
Barbara Macfarlane

Off Limits, February 21

Target Practice

I want to thank Jon Caldara for his humor in thinking Shooting Liberally involves heroin — not liberals exercising their Second Amendment rights. If he likes that, just wait for our next event: Aborting-Islamo-fascist-training-illegal-immigrating-homoerotic-taxing-and-spending Liberally. Did I forget any of the oh-so-tired labels conservatives like to throw about when attacking progressives? Oh, yeah, I forgot Hating America Liberally.

For the record, Caldara's first ATF event did occur about a year before the first Drinking Liberally chapter in May 2003, so, yeah, I'm totally copying him. I looked right over his shoulder during that quiz.

As for getting things done politically, off of our one Denver (in Aurora) event, we're soon going to have a regular Loveland chapter. If there's anywhere that needs proud progressives speaking up, Loveland is definitely one of those towns.
John Erhardt


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