Letters to the Editor

"Dialed Out," Michael Roberts, March 6

Station Identification 

I generally listen to KOOL and the Mountain and had noticed some changes, especially with KOOL broadening its playlist. Michael Roberts's comments about KOOL getting adventurous and playing Blondie and the Rolling Stones really hit home last night, when KOOL played the Human League's "Don't You Want Me"! I thought my dial had slipped to another station!

Thanks for the article!
Ken Gabriel


Denver radio stations

Call us crazy, but among those cast aside by the current lot of radio "gurus in the know" — the bean counters, the unimaginative, the ones who stopped dreaming long ago — we still believe FM radio has a bright future with creativity, courage and spontaneity.

Michael Roberts wrote of one dim bulb in a position of influence at the Mountain who thinks that by playing all the tracks from Hotel California instead of just one or two from that tired disc, he is somehow injecting new life into a dying patient. In a classical rock-radio sense, has this "ahead of the curve" schmo ever listened to the angelic voice and songwriting genius of Arthur Lee? Has he ever listened to Rolling Stone's fortieth-best rock album of all time?

Those on the outside looking in have new reason to rejoice: The FCC last week announced it will be seeking public comment on a plan to expand the FM radio band by reallocating FM frequencies currently used by TV channels 5 and 6; these frequencies will become vacant next February when television converts to digital broadcasting, and sixty new FM channels will become available. The alternative to this option is another idea floating in Congress that would place the frequencies up for auction to the highest bidder. Let's go with a long-overdue infusion of new blood into the radio world instead.
Pete Simon

"Death Benefits," Alan Prendergast, February 28

Fire When Ready

It's obvious that not only is killing people a big business for Carol Chambers, but saving convicted felons from execution is just as big a business. As far as I can determine, neither of these aspects of the criminal justice system furthers the common good.

I cannot see how housing felons who have demonstrated that they are incorrigible is anything less than a succubus that breeds more evil. If prison should do anything, it should salvage those who are salvageable and eliminate those who are not. I find it somewhat odd that bears and big cats are killed when they attack and kill humans, but humans who do the same thing are warehoused. Is the human killer any less a predator than the wild beast?

Executions of dangerous felons does not have to be expensive. Death by firing squad is an inexpensive solution if we truly want a solution. Capital punishment is not barbaric; it is self-defense. If, as a society, we tolerate evil for the sake of profits, there will be grave consequences.
Anthony Gilchrist

"Pregnant Pause," Adam Cayton-Holland, February 28

Birth of a Notion

I missed Adam's original column but saw the letters about it in the March 6 issue. To add to the inundation, I also fell victim to this scam artist. She showed up at my door late on Christmas Eve two years ago. Even though I only had a few dollars on me, I was proud of myself for helping her out — it was like some Christmas miracle. When she came back four days later, I started to get suspicious — but it wasn't until I heard the same story at a party a few months later that I realized I had been taken. How sad that this woman has single-handedly made so many Denver residents suspicious people who will probably never help anyone who shows up at their doorstep again!
Carmen Egidio

Editor's note: Adam's scammer is a busy woman. For more testimonials and an epilogue to the story, click here.


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