Letters to the Editor

"Target Practice," Jared Jacang Maher, April 3

Give the Man a Hand

In "Target Practice," one thing clearly stands out: Jason T. Gomez didn't die from a policeman's bullet, he died from stupidity. No other explanation is possible.

When a policeman has his weapon pointed at you, you do not put your hand in your pocket. Period. It makes no difference what color your skin is — black, brown, yellow, white, purple, red or green — you do not put your hand in your pocket. Doing so just proves Darwin right once again.
Bill Babcock

"They Inhaled," Off Limits, April 3

A Breath of Fresh Air

You can't do anything these days. When I saw the 9HealthFair commercial with Mayor John Hickenlooper and Governor Bill Ritter, I thought it was funny and in good spirit that they would actually do something so unexpected as inhaling helium and talking in squeaky voices. But, of course, some Denver citizens can't stand to have their mayor and governor with a sense of humor.

Ease up, people. Don't take everything you see so seriously!
Wil Hernandez

"See What's in Store," Kenny Be, April 3


Worst-Case Scenario

To Be or Not to Be?

Did the Democrats decide to come to Denver because of Kenny Be? He makes our city look so fun! (And funny.) Although I love his Delegating Denver series on the web, I was glad to see him give the upcoming convention some love in print, too. I want to shop at the Superdelegate gift aisle!
Lisa Garcia

Kenny Be is usually one of the great reasons to pick up a copy of Westword — well, him and then Calhoun, of course.

Anyway, regarding last week's Worst-Case Scenario, with Ed Bradley on the side of Walgreens: Mr. Bradley died a few years ago!

By the way, I'd still like to see a contest where the prize is a beer with Patty Calhoun.
Steve Manthey

"In Passing," Michael Paglia, April 3

Good Riddance

Thank you, Michael Paglia, for writing what we all wanted the world to know about Jerry Gilmore. All the former staff taken out by Gilmore and those left to deal with him had a celebration and therapy session when his "resignation" was official! Celebration/therapy that covered five years of hell — needless to say, we indulged!
Susan Bolton

Letter to the Editor from Steve Davis, March 20

Town without City

I'm not sure exactly what happened to The City, but I would like to defend 4 Questions. I don't believe it's intended to be a "replacement" for Derf, since 4 Questions is a Denver music comic strip, and I don't recall The City being one. I am a fan of Noah's comic-strip interviews, and I would support any local cartoonist over a syndicated one.
Mike Andrews

Drunk of the Week, Drew Bixby

Rambling Man

Every week I pick up Westword hoping that just maybe Drew Bixby might live up to the title you gave him and talk about being the drunk of the week, but instead all I get to read are his lame-ass stories about moments in his life, then he will ramble about food, then maybe spend a half a paragraph talking about the bar he visits. I don't know about you, but with the title "Drunk of the Week," I expect damn good and funny stories, not bullshit.

Drew is no such Drunk of the Week.
Josh Provance


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