Letters to the Editor

"The Home Foreclosure Depot," Kenny Be, April 10

No Place Like Home

Kenny Be's most recent Worst-Case Scenario is the most gut-wrenching and poignant commentary I have seen in print on the so-called housing crisis. Could you guys spring $50 for a Pulitzer Prize application? Kenny deserves it for this one.
Rod Burrows

"Miles & Miles," Alan Prendergast, April 10

See Tony Run

Alan Prendergast should be commended for his fantastic and insightful feature story on ultramarathoner Tony Krupicka. As a longtime ultrarunner and occasional freelance writer, I have read hundreds of articles on the sport of ultrarunning and its athletes (and written a few); Prendergast's is among the best I have read. He not only captures the spirited enigma that is Krupicka, but also manages to find the soul of the sport.

Ultrarunners are not crazed lunatics or societal outcasts, as often portrayed or thought of by mainstream America. In general, most are simple, dedicated, motivated — and, yes, often obsessed — athletes who run for the passion of movement and the love of nature. They run for freedom, not glory. Krupicka personifies that ideal, and Prendergast captures it nicely in his article. Very well done!
Michael Strzelecki
Baltimore, Maryland

"Comedy Central," Adam Cayton-Holland, April 10


Tony Krupicka

Cheese Whiz

I read Adam Cayton-Holland's last What's So Funny with extreme concern. Specifically, the references to pineapple cottage cheese gave me cause to worry. Please allow me to apologize in advance for contributing to what surely must be a mountain of similar letters to the editor.

True story: On Sunday, April 6, my girlfriend and I were enjoying dinner when the conversation turned to pineapple cottage cheese. Not that our conversations never stray from some standard discussion points, but I can assure you that we had never before discussed pineapple cottage cheese once in our four-year courtship. While I stated that I love pineapple cottage cheese, my girlfriend has never even seen it. I used to buy five tubs on my weekly grocery-shopping outing; I'd consume one tub every single workday.

Now, back to my concern: Why would pineapple cottage cheese be referenced at both my dinner table and in Cayton-Holland's column in the same week? There can only exist a lone simple answer: The reptilian Illuminati have set their mind-meld machine to "pineapple cottage cheese." So the time has come to begin a dialogue on the next course of action.

P.S.: My pineapple cottage cheese devotion ended with a trip to the North Woods Inn. Now I prefer ground black pepper with my cottage cheese.
Kenneth Hodson

"Pole-Dance Princess," Michelle Baldwin, April 10


As a dedicated pole-dance student and 49-year-old woman who has made significant gains in accepting my curves and aging body, I felt compelled to send this letter. From this myopic review, it was clear that this dance form and workout have been completely misunderstood and misinterpreted by someone who could not perceive the benefits that these classes offer other women. I guess, though, if the writer is not comfortable touching her hair, then this alone speaks volumes.
M. Andrews


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